Monday, December 20, 2021

Porsha Williams Reveals Fam Hair Goals - See Her Message -


Porsha Williams reveals Fam Hair Goals and she shared a message on her social media account. Check out the post that she shared on IG below.

‘Did someone say fam hair goals?? #PorshasFamilyMatters all-new episode tonight on @bravotv (Search Real Housewives Of Atlanta ) Now You know my whole fam and I am wearing @GoNakedHair always – Shop all our looks here and more at’ she captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘This show is very entertaining but it’s too many unnecessary characters involved.’

A fan said: ‘I’m not feeling the show. All these extra people and for what? It’s all over the place,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘You can have a boyfriend and a fiancé. Let Dennis move on collectively along with you. You got engaged in 2 weeks…let Dennis have a lil girlfriend in peace. If you can let Dennis go y’all would have a great relationship once his momma apologizes to you.’


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A follower said: ‘Stop treating your cousin Lonnie like that. Storm get in my nerves,’ and a follwoer said: ‘Darlene is drama Queen & Storm wants to be Porsha’s bestie so bad!!! Love love Lonnie!!!’

A fan said: ‘Confused. I mean does Lauren like you?? Cause her confessionals seem to all be against you. She seems to care more about Dennis Yea, I’m not seeing the love,’ and another follower posetd this: ‘You’re not looking good on your show, I loved you but this is a new you that I’m looking at you sideways. Hopefully it gets better and you become more humble cause bayybee.’

Someone else said: ‘Okay Auntie Liz! Looking good and thank you for letting them know just because y’all friends you’re not family! I think you’re in my family, I would love to have you!’

Porsha Williams shared new pics from her date night with her fiance and fans are in awe. Check out her post here.

‘My fiancé @iamsimonguobadia and I recently dined at @americancut, one of his restaurant ventures. In 2018, he was privileged to be one of a few invited to partner in the opening of this ambitious project, anchoring Buckhead Village District. @ldvlife (LDV Hospitality) is a pillar in the Food and Beverage business, and joining this experienced operator with over 24 restaurants and multiple concepts, in the United States, made sense,’ She said.

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