Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Porsha Williams Is Grateful For Being Featured In People Magazine - yuetu.info


Porsha Williams said on her social media account that she is happy to have been featured in People magazine. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

‘#Spotted Thank you for this amazing feature 4 page layout @people !! Pick up your copy today! My new Book #ThePursuitOfPorsha avail link in bio#WontHeDoIt #MommaIMadeIt #DecaturGirl,’ Porsha captioned her post.

Somoene said: ‘There is something so infectious about you…ordering book today. Your energy makes me feel like you want us all to win.’

A follower posted this: ‘The levels up are REAL!!! Congratulations Honey I bet Kordell is eating his heart out these days..WHEW#punchingatthewind.’


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A post shared by Author 📚 (@porsha4real)

A commenter said: ‘Girl u betta get yo coins!!!!!! I’m soooooo happy for you! Been a fan since day 1!!!’

One fan posted this: ‘This DIARY is a must have… I say diary because I felt so connected to the raw honesty and emotion exuded in this book. I’m very proud of your willingness to let us in to such vulnerable places. Thank you for leaving me feeling totally inspired.’

Someone else said: ‘Just finished on Audible I enjoyed it So much. You did Such an amazing job!’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I’ve listened to this book through audio and read the hard copy that I bought from Amazon and the part with the red black purple scarf sounds so much like me thank you thank you @porsha4real.’

Porsha Williams shared a photo on her social media account that has fans in awe. Check out the pic below.

‘I can’t wait to see my babies Atlanta i’ll see you all at 2pm TODAY at Barnes & Noble on Cobb PKWY!! #ThePusrsuitOfPorsha #BookTour #PapaAndPJ #MyPeace #PorshasFamilyMatters,’ she captioned her post.

Porsha Williams shared her gratitude for everyone supporting her with her book. Check out one of the messages that she shared on her social media account here.

‘Thank you to my brother/bestie @johnnied4real & my boo @kendragmedia the King and Queen of Chicago for driving an hour to come to support me at my book signing and buying all the books up lol #ThePursuitOfPorsha #NationlBookTour,’ she wrote.

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