Friday, December 31, 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Faced With 70 Years In Jail After Being Found Guilty On Five Counts Of Conspiracy And Minor Abuse -


It’s been just revealed that according to APNews, Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of federal sex trafficking for her role in recruiting and grooming teenage girls to be sexually abused by Jeffery Epstein.

‘They also discovered Dickstain Donald Trump was on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet an additional 6 times other than the several times the public knew about.

Someone else said: ‘Actually, I hope she starts singing at the top of her lungs, even if she gets a reduction in sentence, because we need all the rest of them to face the music. No sacrificial “lambs”.’

A fan said: ‘All that privilege out the window !!! Justice finally served!’ and one other commenter said: ‘chyle, she gon be dead by the time that sentence is over.’

Someone else said: ‘They really keeping details quiet. Meaning some people that you won’t even imagine are involved.’

A fan said: ‘Why didn’t we hear much about this case like we did Jussie’s case,’ and one other follower said: ‘But what about the book they tossed out of court that had over 2000 names in it that the judge decided wasn’t worth mentioning. Celebrities and higher-ups in on it don’t let them fool you.’

Someone else said: ‘I wish the Americans could see that list of all the celebrities that were on that login sheet I know it was some high and mighty names.’

Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently sitting behind bars for her connection to the late Jeffrey Epstein , has hired one of the best lawyers that a person could afford.

Reportedly, the former socialite has recruited Bobbi Sternheim, the lawyer famous for defending some of the most difficult and complex cases related to international crime schemes.

Sternheim has acted as an attorney for international organized crime cases and racketeering conspiracies among other offenses.

Hot New Hip Hop says Bobbi is the only woman ever to receive the New York Criminal Bar Association’s Award for Excellence in the Profession.

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