Monday, November 15, 2021

Travis Scott Now Faces More Than 100 Lawsuits Following The Concert Massacre -


Travis Scott is involved in a huge scandal fooling the concert massacre.  As you probably know by now, Travis Scott ‘s concert ended in tragedy. Not too long ago, we were revealing that he drama following the Travis Scott  concert is intensifying on a daily basis. Check out the latest terrible reports below.

The Shade Room notes: ‘the tragic news surrounding Travis Scott’s #Astroworld music festival continues, as the latest update involving a young college student provides a heartbreaking prognosis. According to new reports, a 22-year-old college student from Texas A&M reportedly has no brain activity due to the injuries she suffered while attending the Astroworld festival hosted by Travis Scott that claimed the lives of eight people.’

TSR also notes that Travis is facing more than 100 lawsuits.

Travis and Live Nation’s legal issues are proving to be an ongoing nightmare that will likely be very costly.

TSR notes that It was just confirmed that now more than 100 lawsuits have officially been filed against both Travis Scott and Live Nation, as legal experts state that the number will continue to rise.’

TSR said: ‘@NYPost reports, the families of those who died along with those who are currently facing severe injuries, continue to file lawsuits against Travis Scott and Live Nation for the deadly Astroworld festival that is currently responsible for the deaths of nine people. As of now, over 100 lawsuits have been filed against Travis and popular concert promoter Live Nation—with more legal claims expected within the coming days.’

‘One of the attendees injured, Niaara Goods, is not only suing Travis and Live Nation, but also Astroworld performer, #Drake’ TSR notes.

‘The deadly crowd surge and its aftermath unfolded right in front of Webster and Graham. Nonetheless, they continued their performance while medical personnel struggled to reach the numerous unconscious and injured concertgoers,’ TSR says.

A follower said: ‘This is about to to change the way concerts go going forward.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Well lemme just go Head & file my lawsuit then shid.’

Someone else said: ‘Damn Kylie gone have to pull her check book out in a min to help.’

A follower said: ‘Make sure y’all sue the medics that dropped that girl too TF….. and the police dept. too… & the fire dept too for not shutting it down.’

Someone else said: ‘This is some bs because there were police there literally recording the show instead of paying attention to what the hell was going on.’

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