Friday, November 19, 2021

Tami Roman Gave Her Husband The Opportunity To Have A Child With Another Woman -


Tami Roman revealed that she allowed her hubby to have a baby with another woman. Check out the details below.

‘Tami recently sat down with the ladies of #TheReal and revealed her and her husband are doing things differently when it comes to having a baby!’ The Shade Room notes.

Someone said: ‘Y’all know how the story of Abraham & Sarah turned out? @realationshipspodcast,’ and another followe rposted this: ‘If she don’t wanna be with him she can just say that.’

A follower said: ‘Why do celebs always tell us their business? Leave us alone. Damn,’ and someone else posetd this: ‘Hm what if he falls in love with whoever he has the baby with ?’

One follower said: ‘She lying, ain’t nobody saying go have a baby I’ll be right here when you get back!…like that man not gone fall in luv with the mother of his child,’ and someone else said: ‘He already did it. She just gotta save face. Smh.’

Another person left this comment: ‘This is so dumb. Umm surrogate, adoption. Nooo let your man go have a full blown relationship and probably fall in love with someone else….uhhh I guess,’ and someone else said: ‘No. This is why when you marry you need to KNOW YOUR PARTNER. Don’t marry someone who doesn’t want kids when you do. That’s crazy.’

One follower said: ‘This is giving me “I think I’m too old for a baby but I wanna keep the younger man” like cougar but crazy cougar vibes…. This is kinda giving me wrong feelings …. Imma come back when there are more comments.’

Last month, Tami made headlines when she shared an interesting question on social media. Check out the subject and see some of the fans’ answers.

Someone said: ‘Some of us have unknowingly been in polygamous relationship without these benefits. Gone sign me up.’

A commenter posted this: ‘im in a perfect relationship with my wife-this would never fit for me – I like one person only-too many headaches with this situation but I also would not judge if it works for others- a no for me though.’

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