Wednesday, November 10, 2021

R. Kelly's Cellmate Is All Over The News After Doing This -


R. Kelly‘s cellmate has been making the news lately following the latest move that he did. Check out the details presented by The Shade Room.

TSR said: ‘time behind bars has been quite eventful. From protestors singing his songs outside of the federal prison, to his countless pleas for release, it doesn’t seem like he’s ever had a dull day. It looks like things just got even more interesting for Kellz, who is now the star of a comic book.’

TSR also said that ‘According to @nydailynews, R. Kelly’s cellmate, who was conceited of threatening to kill elected officials, has created a comic book depicting their life behind bars. Brendan Hunt created the drawings, which feature him and Kelly doing yoga together, in an attempt to be sentenced to time-served.’

‘The comics show Hunt and Kelly meeting in the cell, and carrying on their day-to-day lives as cellmates who discuss music and do yoga,’ TSR also noted.

Someone said: ‘It’s about to be a long ride for Robert,’ and a commenter said: ‘Awwwww I wonder what the Lifetime adaptation is going to look like.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Oh they about to be doing yoga alright. Can’t wait to see what the next installment of that comic is…,’ and a commenter said this: ‘So my man’s is living his best life behind bars is what y’all saying ?’

One otheer follower said: ‘And what are we to do with this breaking news??!’

It’s been just revealed that R. Kelly just appealed his racketeering conviction. Check out the available details coming from The Shade Room here.

TSR notes that R. Kelly is fighting his federal racketeering conviction and is enlisting the help of the high-profile attorney who won an appeal of Bill Cosby ’s sex abuse case.

‘New York-based attorney Jennifer Bonjean filed her appearance in R. Kelly’s case in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, where Kelly was convicted last month of racketeering and sex abuse charges, according to @chicagotribune,’ TSR noted.

TSR continued and said: ‘Bonjean told the Tribune she will spearhead R. Kelly’s post-conviction motions and if U.S. District Judge Anne Donnelly denies him a new trial, she will work on an appeal before the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The post-trial motions are due on Monday, but Bonjean has asked the court for a two-month extension.’

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