Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Lil Duval Addresses How A Perfect World Would Look Like For Women -


Lil Duval is picturing how a perfect world would look for women these days. Check out the post that he shared directly on his Twitter account.

Someone said: ‘Job? I think not. It’s a choice where the consequences of said choice are having no time to devote to anything else. Is it work? Yes. A job is something you do for money. Being a parent is a labor of love. I’m just saying bro…’

A commenter posted this: ‘Honestly, if I didn’t have to work I’d probably have a couple of children. I always saw myself as a full time mom… but I never want to sacrifice my dreams for the sake of having kids… I never understood the “they’re my motivation” type ppl.’

One other follower said: ‘Listen..I’m a stay at home mom and I’m grateful that my kids didn’t have to go to daycare and I spent time with them. Especially how these daycare workers treat these babies.’

Someone else said: ‘Eh not really. In a perfect world mom AND dad would be at home raising the kids lol one can dream right. I think the balance is off because fathers are being stripped from children’s lives and being replaced with government assistance and child support. Why? Follow the money.’

One person posted this: ‘Sorry, I disagree. Women should always have their own money regardless. We need our own money. That way we wouldn’t be forced to stay in toxic ass relationships.Hundred points symbol.’

A follower said: ‘Some of us want identities outside of our children. Goals we want to accomplish, just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we can’t do anything else!’

A fan said: ‘Devils advocate.. I don’t want to not work just because I have kids. I love my children however my life’s purpose is more than just being a mother. I’m passionate about my career and helping others. HOWEVER I do see where he is coming from and appreciate the thought of that.. #ToEachTheirOwn.’

One other follower said: ‘I’m with you when you right i worked a full shift, sand had to do laundry, cook, help with homework & care for myself & go to bed by 9-10 to get up and do it again! By 6am! It gets hard but to all the single moms that feel like giving up always remember we GOT THIS!! blessings to everyone who reads this!’

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