Monday, October 4, 2021

Tamar Braxton Impresses Fans With A Message About Love - Read It Here -


Tamar Braxton addresses the fact that she will be loved one day. Check out the post she shared below to see what she had to say.

Tamar said: ‘I swear somebody’s son gone love me one day SOON!!.. & he’s going to go to my concerts and love that I always wear my mask.’


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A post shared by Tamar Estine (@tamarbraxton)

A follower said: ‘Sure is, make sure you love you first. You are so worthy, never forget that,’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Ok bae we need to get you on a dating show!!! Tamar finds love.’

Someone else said: ‘You kilt it so pretty #extraordinarytamar don’t look he’s gonna come right to ya even if he already around ya.’

A fan said: ‘Stop banking your happiness on that. If you trust in God, he’ll give you the desires of your heart. Wait patiently and go do good deeds while you wait.’

One other commenter said: ‘Yes ma’am someone’s son is going to Luv you and everything about you. He’s also gonna be one of the Most High ‘s SON TOO.’

Someone else said: ‘Sis you are loved and beautiful with or without somebody son. God loves you more than any son could ever.’

Tamar Braxton shared a post in which she is praising her BFF. She tells everyone that he just launched his photo website and you can check out her message here.

‘My pumpkin @woadysworld just launched his photography website he’s captured some of my favorite photos of me you too can get the beautiful pictures of youself, your business your whatever….you have always wanted!! Check it out and book your dream shoot today@whoiswarrenwhite,’ she said.

Tamar also went to a gospel concert recently and she shared footage from there as well.

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