Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Safaree Has A Few Words Following The Backlash Dave Chapelle Received - yuetu.info


Safaree shared an important message on his social media account following the backlash that Dave Chapelle received not too long ago. Check it out below.

Someone said: ‘So people just really didn’t understand what he was saying…’ and a commenter posetd this: ‘On CNN they defended him too, so just admit you’re a Trumper.’

One fan said: ‘In case y’all didn’t notice Dave don’t give af about being cancelled he cancelled his self from his own show over a decade ago and walked away from millions.. he made this special knowing he’d recieve back lash and people would misinterpret the message … and they’re proving him right.’

A commenter posted this: ‘We are living in a time where people get up and look for something to be offended about,’ and a commenter said: ‘Trans people forget to mention the part where he said they bullied one of their own to the point she committed suicide.’

A fan said: ‘I’m glad the old school def comedy jam didn’t happen in today’s time. These cry babies definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle it. People cry about everything on social media.’

One fan said: ‘Body shaming, racial comments, violence is all acceptable, say sumn bout that community, all hell breaks loose,’ and one fan said: ‘It was so good !! Per usual & in fact what’s happening is proving his point.’

More people continued to offer their opinions about what Safaree and dave had to say.

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