Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Porsha Williams Introduces Her New Sister To Fans And Followers - yuetu.info


Porsha Williams introduces her new sister to her fans and followers and people love her. Check out Porsha’s post below.

‘Shopping & fun in Abuja with my new sister @oramantu ! Thank you for introducing me to some of Abuja’s finest designers!🛍We got some absolutely beautiful fabrics as well, I can’t wait to see the gowns we create 🛍 #TradCrew ( Chief Gabriel Igbinedion daughter),’ Porsha captioned her post.

A fan said: ‘I just love the way that you have evolved. It is Everything! Much Love,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘Idk how y’all do it. I’ve yet to meet a Nigerian who didn’t speak worse about American Black ppl than a bona-fide White klansman. Y’all look great tho.’

Someone else said: ‘Awwww so Gorgeous Adorable and beautiful princesess my lovely dear,’ and one other follower said: ‘So excited for your spinoff @porsha4real. Beautiful women right there.’

A fan said: ‘I miss you on dish P!! You look so happy tho! Many blessings to your new endeavors.’

Someone else said: ‘Omg fabrics?!?!?!?! I cant wait to visit to stock up on fabrics from there. They’re my favorite to sew with!’

A fan said: ‘Make some cute winter Rompers and jumpers @porsha4real I would love to see a combination of culture I have some brilliant ideas @oramantu.’

One follower said: ‘Beautiful ladies. I hope we can connect at some point. Like to know how you got to where you are and where you plan to go with your endeavors.’

Porsha Williams shared an important message for her fans and followers. Check it out below.

‘#Swipe Do you know your worth? Real talk for a minute: understanding your value, your hopes, and your goals is a necessary first step to a great love story. REAL love will treat you like the queen or king you are and help you pursue your dreams. Don’t settle for less. Today I’m sharing the first of three swipe series from my book #ThePursuitofPorsha giving you a closer look at how to love others well. Swipe swipe. And snag a copy of my book at the link in my bio,’ she captioned her post.

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