Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Jordyn Woods Will Make Your Day With This Bora Bora Vlog She Shared On YouTube -


Jordyn Woods is going to make your day with this Bora Bora Vlog. She shared the video on her YouTube account, and you can check it out below.

‘I know ig was down yesterday so what you missed is that my BORA BORA Vlog is now live on my @youtube channel link in bio,’ Jordyn said.

Someone else posted this: ‘This is such an easy and uncomplicated love. You can tell theyre so into each other and love each other effortlessly! I dont get secondhand embarraaaassssment watching you guys. Wish you both all the very best for the future!’

One fan on YouTube said: ‘Sometimes bad things happens to you, for a reason, God’s preparing you and setting you up for a larger and better come back! Jordyn had to go through what she went through with that ridiculous family, so that she may get from under them and be the beautiful independent boss chick who’s clearly met the love of her life… God is so good.& Only he can cancel you.’

Someone else posted this: ‘The photo shoot looked like sooooo much fun!!!. I love how in every video KAT is always saying thank you and talking and to the staff. Thank you both for sharing your vacation.’

A commenter said: ‘Loved this video I swear every time I watch her vlogs I literally cry you can tell they genuinely love each other (money aside ) he always shows genuine love to her and it’s so sweet so true you gotta let go of what’s not serving you in order to find what’s really right for you.’

Someone else said: ‘Our prayers for these two beautiful souls have been working! So happy you found each other, continued love and happiness to you both.’

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