Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Deyjah Harris Tells Fans To Stop Bringing Up T.I. And Tiny Harris - yuetu.info


Deyjah Harris just told her fans and followers that she does not want them to bring up Tiny Harris and Tip anymore. Check out what she shared below.

‘Man why y’all gotta bring up my pops and stepmom everytime i post my mom?’ she tweeted in response to a series of pictures she shared of herself and her mother in Greece.

‘Do those thoughts really need to be tweeted/said out loud? why we can’t just enjoy the photos of her without some people bringing my other parents up…. just chill. everyone is happy so it don’t matter.’

She followed up in another post, calling the responses ‘ridiculous.’

‘it’s ok, nothing i’m not used to but they literally only do this when i post my mom lol. like when i post my pops, don’t nobody ever mention my mom so why are they mentioning him + tiny under her posts? just ridiculous tbh smh,’ she wrote.

She also addressed being tired of hearing about Tip on social media in the past, saying in an AMA session that it makes her ‘feel bad’ that she can’t talk about her parents anymore.

Tiny Harris is praising her three daughters like there’s no tomorrow. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

‘God really loves me to Bless me with these 3 beautiful girls @zonniquejailee @deyjahimani @heiressdharris Life Is Great… #HappyNationaldaughterday#MyFavoritePicOfAllMyGirls,’ Tiny captioned her post.

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