Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Porsha Williams Joins CEO Stacey D. Stewart In A Discussion Surrounding Covid And More -


Porsha Williams shared a very interesting post on her social media account. She joins CEO Stacey D. Stewart in a discussion surrounding covid and more interesting subjects.

‘Join me and @marchofdimes CEO Stacey D. Stewart in a discussion surrounding COVID-19, the Black Maternal & Infant Health Crisis, and NICUs – this Wednesday, September 1st @ 3:30pm ET on IG Live @porsha4real!#MarchofDimes #NICUAwarenessMonth #Moms #WomensHealth #BlackMaternalHealth”’ Porsha captioned her post.

A fan said: ‘Love Stacey, who was our former President with the UW! Will be tuned in for sure!’ and one other follower posted this: ‘Please view “A Mother’s Justice” Porsha, this will bless you.’

Someone said: ‘Will tune in! Umm Watching @bravochatroom rn and heard @porsha4real is having a new show… when will it be airing?? Anyone pls…’ and another commenter posted this: ‘So excited for this conversation! Thank you @porsha4real for raising awareness 💜’

A fan wrote: ‘What a great cause! I have a fourteen-year-old preemie that I strongly believe would not be with us were it not for the great work of the March of Dimes! Thank you for supporting this cause.’

Porsha Williams seems to have had the time of her life with the family of her man. She shared a bunch of new pics on her social media account which have fans believing that she is pregnant.

Check out her recent photos.

‘Nothing but good times with family! The Guobadia’s feel like i’ve known them forever. My soon to be niece in-law @rume_w is adorable ☺️ Bonding is important, i’m glad we are taking time to make it a priority! I’m so blessed that Simon’s uncle was able to come out on his lastnight in atlanta!♥️🙏🏾 #Family1st #Goodtimes #GreatWeekend,’ Porsha captioned her post.

Stay tuned for more news about Porsha.

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