Sunday, September 26, 2021

Neek And Charmaine Bey Expect A Baby Girl! -


It’s been just revealed that Neek and Charmaine Bey are expecting a baby girl. Check out the photo that has fans in awe.

‘Sending love and congratulations to Charmaine Bey and her husband Neek, who have exclusively revealed to us they are expecting a baby girl!’ The Shade Room notes.

Someone said: ‘I know this is bringing her so much joy after all the pain she has been through,’ and another followewr posted this: ‘Aww she deserves everything good in her life.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘Awe man I was hoping for boy, but congrats to them!’ and one other follower said: ‘Can you imagine going through two pregnancies and losing both of your parent during each one. She’s so strong god bless them.’

Someone said: ‘I was hoping it was a boy . This baby will be beautiful like big sis!’ and another follower posted this: ‘I’m so happy she’s embarking this blessing especially after the passing of her dad!! She deserves every bit of happiness.’

One fan said: ‘This happens all the time after a death…Her parents sending her a blessing,’ and one other follower posted this message: ‘Damn that means you gotta keep going now lol.’

Someone posted this: ‘Awwww Charmaine have been through so much she deserves nothing but happiness,’ and a follower said: ‘Congratulations!!! Get it brother on the camera!! @mastermindfotoo.’

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