Friday, September 24, 2021

Erica Mena's Latest Video Has Fans Praising Her Flawless Look -


Erica Mena shared a video on her social media account that has her fans praising her look. Check out what fans told her.

‘My @vegamour Favorites Review My review on all my favorite @vegamour products,’ Erica said.

One otheer follower posted this: ‘Your so beautiful,’ and more fans agreed and told Erica that she looks amazing. Someone else said: ‘Your a queen love your nude lipstick.’

A follower posted this message: ‘flawless!!! Keep going girl,’ and a commenteer said: ‘You’re absolutely gorgeous.’

One fan said: ‘I saw an orb your angels are around you love @iamerica_mena,’ and a follower posted this message: ‘Hope you doing well. Looking great. Aloha from Hawaii.’

A fan said: ‘You’re so beautiful. Like flawless,’ and a fan said: ‘I’m sorry Yet my focus is always on your teeth I don’t understand how you girls are getting dentures and thinking that look good you’re making yourself look older then you have to I’m not getting dentures until all my teeth fall out .’

A fan said: ‘Thanks for sharing. I love those products,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Im so sorry @iamerica_mena. I love u and you are so resilient. It sucks that you had to go through so much. stay strong sister girl and keep thosw kiss first.’

Someone said: ‘Absolutely stunning with or without makeup. We got you @iamerica_mena.’

Erica Mena addressed what has happened in her life lately and fans and followers are showing love and support. Check out the post below.

As The Shade Room noted, ‘got emotional while on live, saying she took an “L.” However, her friends uplifted her & showered her with love .’

One follower said: ‘She has to take some ownership too, but she’s right. No one deserves that level of humiliation,’ and another commenter posted this: ‘She’s a strong woman. She has been through a lot and you can tell she’s really hurting. Just pushing through. I hope she finds peace and bounces back from this.’

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