Thursday, September 16, 2021

Erica Mena's Fans Show Support Following Safaree Breakup - See The Video -


Erica Mena addressed what has happened in her life lately and fans and followers are showing love and support. Check out the post below.

As The Shade Room noted, ‘got emotional while on live, saying she took an “L.” However, her friends uplifted her & showered her with love .’

One follower said: ‘She has to take some ownership too, but she’s right. No one deserves that level of humiliation,’ and another commenter posted this: ‘She’s a strong woman. She has been through a lot and you can tell she’s really hurting. Just pushing through. I hope she finds peace and bounces back from this.’

Someone else said: ‘The friend with mask is uplifting. That’s the kind of friend you need when you’re going through your storm,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Nothing wrong with taking an L, as long as you learn from it.’

One fan posted: ‘Y’all judging her like this wasn’t y’all momma about your daddy growing up,’ and a commenter posted this messaage: ‘girl he left you and yo baby to give birth alone. Then you was poppin that thang on him the other day, now you back to cryin. Please just stop.’

Someone esle said: ‘It’s the fact that ppl clowning her for publicly going through what she’s going through but they’re going through this shit privately, suffering! Baby it’s a lesson lesson learned like she said… she’s just in the public eye going through it and it’s worse because of that!!’

One follower posted this: ‘At some point, we as women have to take accountability for the pain we allow men to inflict. She didn’t need baby #2 to know that man wasn’t treating her right…she didn’t have to get to this point.’

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