Tuesday, August 17, 2021

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Tamar Braxton wants to make a positive difference. Check out the message she shared.

‘Making a positive difference in anyway that I can be used is my NEW purpose and testimony for my life. This is not a test, a publicity stunt, a check…Don’t ever think for one second that I will ever go back to a toxic life. A toxic home. A toxic job, a toxic ANYTHING!!’ she began her message.

‘Who else would God choose? A perfect person?? I’ve been through it and then some in front of the entire world, but also in front of the entire world, God changed and saved me. I will forever offer my past to help the future. Say what you want, but eventually you will see that there will always be a purpose for me showing up with my gifts. #extraordinarytamar🍀❤️ #underconstruction,’ Tamar said.


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A post shared by Tamar Braxton (@tamarbraxton)

Someone posted this: ‘❤️love you sis I’m bringing the babies over to give u some kisses 😘 u cook tho👏😂’ and a fan wrote: ‘Omg I peeped the EP credit and was like yessssssss T!!!’

A follower said: ‘We love you Tamar. You’ve always been a kind hearted person. 😍’ and a commente rposted this: ‘Exactly when life hands u lemons make a lemonade factory 😍👏’

Someoen else said: ‘Such an inspiration! Thank you for being you 💯❤️🙏🏾’ and one other follower said: ‘So proud of you Princess Queen. I prayed for you, like so many others and LOOK AT GOD😍🔥😍’

Someone posted this: ‘Amen 🙏🏽!!!! I as a Fan I’m so proud of you @tamarbraxton . God blessings always to you and your beautiful family. ❤️’ and a commenter said: ‘It’s the cropping for me likeee. But we love you and receive the message 🥰’

A fan said: ‘I have always been attracted to your light!! Keep shining!! And girl where’s the new pod episode at? Lol 🌟✨❤️🙏🏾’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Keep rebuilding yourself. It’s a process and when let Jesus Christ guide you in the RIGHT DIRECTION . That’s when you know you’re doing it right.’

One fan posted this: ‘We love to see it @tamarbraxton your glow, your essence is different and we see it!!!’

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