Friday, August 20, 2021

Safaree Takes Care Of His Baby Girl's Look - Check Out How He Does Her Hair -


Safaree takes care of his baby girl’s look and makes sure to arrange her hair flawlessly. Check out the video that the proud dad shared.

Someone said: ‘She is soooo gorgeous .. too bad her daddy unstable af 😩’ and someone else said: ‘She looks just like Erica ❤️’

One fan said: ‘See I knew he really home with them kids…lol we giving them all the attention they lookin for…’ and one follower posted this: ‘Idk who needs to hear this but Everyone is dealing with a lot right now, I pray we all find peace. 🤍’

A fan said: ‘He better be on them Daddy duties and keep it that way,’ and a commenter posetd this: ‘Not he had that baby looking like George Jefferson🤣 I’m glad he got it together😩.’

Someone else said: ‘What a nice young father, I bet he never disrespect the mother of his kids in public’, and a commenter posted this: ‘he doing this for social media i’m pretty sure he gave that baby right back erica.’

A fan said: ‘Don’t start with the “now he wanna be a daddy” cause ole boy been doing this since day one!!! Don’t be miserable today!!!!’

Safaree shared a photo on his social media account that has fans wondering whether he’s fine or not. Check out the pic here.

‘Me having lunch with my friends and the ppl who care about me 🌚🌚’, he captioned his post.

As you probably know by now, Safaree and Erica Mena are no longer a couple. People have been extremely supportive of Erica so far, but now Safaree addresses something that has people showing him love as well.

Check out the emotional message that he shared on social media.

‘After a trauma, the traumatized person doesn’t always know the event is over. This pain becomes recycled and keeps trying to get our attention until we decide to do something about it,’ Safaree said.

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