Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Safaree Has Something To Say About Spending Time With His Kids Following Massive Criticism From Fans - yuetu.info


Safaree has been bashed for a while now following the breakup from Erica Mena. She recently revealed that he cheated on her and fans could not be more upset with him.

Now, he hopped on Twitter where he landed a few of his opinions on the matter.

He continued and said the following:

Safaree also explained something about living with a pregnant woman.

He also had something to say about his house.

Someone told him: ‘NIGGA STOP LYING!!! First off, YOU LIVE IN ATLANTA! Second in order to pay a 7 Figure Mortgage is you would have to spend over $100M for your house and live in the most expensive neighborhood in the country! Nigga we all know you can get a “mansion” in ATL for $1 stop CAPPIN!’

Another follwoer said: ‘Sell the mansion, invest in business that way you can have MORE TIME with kids. Stop existing and live!!! That mortgage too high to be using it as an excuse why you not with your kids often. Your emotionally distant. Everyone ain’t telling you the same thing for no reaosn.’

Someone said: ‘But why u never said smt like “I’m with my kids all the time” back then? Bc a lot of people were on your side waiting for u to speak up. Now everybody believed what’s on sm. Why letting u everyone believe u don’t care and now u mad about it? Serious question?!’

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