Sunday, August 22, 2021

Rasheeda Frost Celebrates Her Son's Birthday -


Rasheeda Frost just celebrated her son’s birthday. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

‘Today is a special day!!! I can’t believe my baby @karter_frost is 8 years old!!! Happy Birthday too you!!! I couldn’t imagine life without you I’m so glad you chose me as your mother! I wake up every day thanking God for you & of course kissing that cute dimple on your cheek!! I love you forever #karter wish my baby #happybirthday guys!!’ Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Awee he’s so sweet 😍 happy birthday,’ and a follower said: ‘Awww he’s so grateful that made my heart melt😍😍’

One fan posted this: ‘I love seeing celebrities get they kids actual gifts that they want! Not bust down Rolex’s and chains when they really want bikes and Barbies. Glad to see you letting Karter be kid 🤍’

A follower said: ‘the pure joy in children when they receive a gift is priceless!’ and one commenter posted this: ‘ he was so excited. See this is what people get kids. Not jewelry that they gonna lose….’

A fan posted this: ‘He is so sweet he said thank u so much 😍 happy birthday Karter!!! 🎂🎉🎁’ and a commenter posted this: ‘There’s nothing like a kid who has a grateful heart 💜 Happy Birthday Karter🎉’

Rasheeda Frost looks amazing, and fans and followers are praising her look. Check out the post that she shared here.

‘Jus Do The Damn Thang! New 💧’ Rasheeda captioned her post.

Rasheeda Frost is another one of your favorite celebrities who decided to post a workout video. Her fans are impressed, and they made sure to tell her this in the comments.

‘Please excuse my sound effects the struggle is real 🤣🤣 My stomach was on fire after this set 🔥🔥 my @whatwaistoffical define band compression pulls my waist in tight so I can see results faster! Use my code RASHEEDA10OFF to get yours today,’ Rasheeda said.

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