Monday, August 30, 2021

NeNe Leakes' 'Broken' Message Has Fans Freaking Out -


NeNe Leakes shared a message on social media that has fans desperate. They are scared that something terrible happened to Gregg.

The Shade Room offered some more details about the whole situation that has fans freaking out.

‘By now, many of you know that #NeneLeakes, unfortunately, revealed that her husband, #GreggLeakes’ health is declining as he battles cancer. As we previously reported, a customer at her lounge shared a video while she gave an update and stated,’ TSR notes.

‘When you see me, you see my son give us a lot of love okay, my husband is transitioning to the other side,’ NeNe said.

TSR also notes that ‘In the video Nene addressed being called rude for not telling one of her customers happy birthday, and when she got on the mic, she shared that Gregg’s health condition is declining.’

TSR also said: ‘We spoke with the woman who recorded the video and she shared that she and her friends did not ask Nene for a birthday shoutout, nor did they call her rude.’

She said, ‘I think that a stranger may have told her that it was my friend’s birthday and asked her to send a shout out to her.’

Although she was shocked about Nene’s announcement, she said, ‘If you listen to my voice in the video, you will not hear hostility. We respect NeNe and Greg and were saddened by the news.’ She continued to offer her prayers to Gregg.

Someone said: ‘I can’t stand people. Really mad because somebody didn’t wish you a happy birthday, like get over yourself and be thankful you got another year.’

Another follower posted this: ‘I don’t like how she tried to play Nene though with the caption in the video,’ and a fan said: ‘Why are y’all posting this and creating news around this ? Let her family be in peace !!!!’

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