Sunday, August 8, 2021

Jorrdyn Woods Poses At The Gym With Her Boo - Check Out Their Toned Bodies -


Jordyn Woods posed at the gym with her boo. Check out the toned bodies that the couple flaunts.

‘WELLNESS WEDNESDAY• get a partner that challenges you! We told each other we were gonna get in the best shape of our lives and that’s exactly what we’re doing! Never forget it all starts with your mind! I know I’ve been talking about my app launching for forever, but it is finally completed so hopefully you’ll have it by the end of the month so you can tap into my workouts! 🤍’ Jordyn said.

Someone else posted this: ‘Life….can change in a minute anytime i see you I’m always happy,’ and a commenter said: ‘Thank god he took the kardashians away from you! you shine girl.’


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A follower posted this: ‘Good looking couple 😍🔥 y’all are going to have some cute ass kids,’ and a follwoer said: ‘If Snoop Dogg popped a weed and then smoked a pill and made some music, it would be me.’

A fan said: ‘@jordynwoods you have thourough bread. Keep the relationship going’ and more people called these two a power couple.

Jordyn Woods keeps looking for ways to switch up her workouts. Check out her video here.

‘I’m always looking for ways to switch up my workouts and @karltowns & @chuckyanthony got me out here starting to box… whew @jeremiah.maestre is getting me right starting with the fundamentals.. I’ll keep y’all posted on this journey 🤍,’ Jordyn captioned her post.

Also, not too long ago,  Jordyn shared a hairstyling video that has her fans excited.

‘Styling Baby Hairs We are back with @BeautyByMariama to add onto the ponytail from last week by styling my baby hairs. It’s a trend, I’m trying to do my part, get over it. How do you style your baby hairs? When are they extra and when are they just right? We do our best to answer all these questions and more. Special guest appearance by @JodieWoods with a judgement on the final look,’ Jordyn wrote.

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