Tuesday, August 17, 2021

David Adefeso Talks About Choosing The Best Outfits - yuetu.info


David Adefeso talks about choosing the best outfits in the morning, Check out what he has to say about the subject.

‘While it’s nice to be in a suit and look the part, it’s also very important to be comfortable. Most days, this is my outfit of choice. Keeps things simple and I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing today, I already know,’ he began.

‘Jeff Bezos once said “If I make, like, three good decisions a day, that’s enough. And they should be as high quality as I can make them. Warren Buffett says he’s good if he makes three good decisions a year.” This way, what I am wearing today, will not count as one of my 3 daily high-quality decisions. 😅’ he said.

‘How long does it take you to figure out your outfits in the morning? Tell me in the comments,’ David captioned his post.

Someone said: ‘I lay mine out at night after my bath (ritually) It’s one less thing to worry about starting my day. Great photos by the way❤️’

A follower said: ‘Well David, when I have free time on weekends, I put my outfits together, everything including jewelry…. My clothes are ready before I am!! 😂’

One commenter posted this: ‘I love being retired I wear whatever until I need to leave the house,’ and a commenter said: ‘The hand gestures concern me. When you see in the spirit you know what I mean.’

A fan said: ‘It takes me seconds and up to maybe three minutes to choose my outfit of the day. I actually do ask God “what am I to wear today Lord” and as I receive His direction, I go to my closet and make His selection. This is my way that works for me.’

Someone said: ‘David!! yuh neva haffi look suh nice😀. Oh let me say that in English and not the Jamaican Patois you had me speaking. You didn’t have to look this good. Lawd help my vision. Anywhoooo I know I am off track from the reason for your post. Lemme go hide 🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️’

A commenter posted this: ‘It depends on how I feel when I wake and what I have planned ! 15 mn and I visualize myself in that outfit and ready to go! Black@looks nice on you! Straight line, clean and professional 👍🏾’

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