Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tip's Latest Message Has Fans Praising Him - Check Out His Post -


Tip shared a message on his social media account that has people praising him. check out the message below.

‘Hey Young World The World Is Yours‼️ S/O @coolkidsfund honored to be able to contribute to your efforts. Love and Respect ✊🏽’ Tip said.

Someone posted this: ‘I must say TI that I am highly disappointed in the homophobic venom that you have been spewing. You sir are a walking contradiction. For years you have filled the ears and minds of young impressionable kids with music laced with violence, drugs, and misogyny. Let’s not forget the abomination known as the trap museum, where you see kids at the age of 5 taking pictures with fake bricks of cocain.Now all of the sudden you are concerned about what your kids are watching because of a gay man living his truth?’


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A post shared by TIP (@troubleman31)

One other follower said: ‘the fact that you taught a finance class to the kids way better than any teacher, book or school could. Your way of transmitting the message to others is something else, you’re a blessing to this earth king, I swear we don’t deserve you. I wish I was able to be part of this zoom class! Been giving free knowledge throughout your career in every field, subject and issue. Whether it’s investing, real estate, leadership, surviving the streets, overcoming harsh circumstances, embracing your past, police brutality, systemic racism, parenting, etc. Show them that one could change their life around and stop being a victim of their environment! You showed us that. Proud to call you my role model and a mentor 👊🏽’

One fan said: ‘Did you forget your son is in the LGBT community sir? Showing his hole on Twitter to the boys 😂’ and a commenter said: ‘D❤️PE!!! Your words are powerful and appreciated @troubleman31 💯✊🏽 thanks @coolkidsfund for making it happen 🙏🏽’

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