Monday, July 5, 2021

Tamar Braxton Tells Fans That Reality TV Almost Killed Her -


Tamar Braxton told her fans and followers that reality TV almost killed her. Check out more details below.

Someone said: ‘Congrats Tamar. “Almost” means it did not kill u. Thank God. Now live,’ and another follower posted this message: ‘Proud of you goddess, take control of your narrative ❤️’

A fan posted this: ‘Glad you good Tay! I think that wack dude had a play in it to he definitely wasn’t your energy he wanted to be seen,’ and a follower said: ‘I have to read this. If my memory serves me correctly, she is the one that initiated and wanted to do reality TV to begin with. I think we all have a story of wanting something so bad, obtaining it and then realizing how bad it is for you.’

Someone else said: ‘And all this time I thought it was bc of how spoiled you are?! Thank god you got out!! 😏’ and one other follower posted this message: ‘Didn’t kill too bad u got a nose job and cheek implants wow.’


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As we already reported, Tamar Braxton went through a terrible experience last year but fortunately, she was able to get through it and now, she is focusing all her time and energy on being the best mom she can be! As fans know, the star tried to commit suicide and now, she is opening up about it.

A year after surviving her attempt, she is more determined than ever to surround herself with nothing but positive vibes and the love of her closest ones!

Here’s what she told People magazine:

‘That time of my life was really dark and so heavy. I did not see how I was going to come out on the other side. I did not even know there was another side. I chose to change my life. Most people think, ‘She went to a hotel, took a bunch of drugs probably, was on a binge.’ It did not happen like that. It was everyday life, just trying to figure how to get through the day and then…’

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