Thursday, July 22, 2021

Tamar Braxton Drops A Motivational Message For Her Fans -


Tamar Braxton shared a motivational message for her fans and followers. Check it out below.

‘Ahhht ahhht run this bikeeee with the sound auntie ❗️😭’ someone said and another follower posted this: ‘you playing w my feelings fr😭😭 i cant wait for the new music.’


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A fan said: ‘Love how people have Pole-Dance music on their album and expect god to bless everything 😂❤️’ and someone else posted this: ‘Yess sis ! ❤️🍀 i am so excited and happy 😫 i just love you .. @tamarbraxton.’

A follower said: ‘i could cry! please don’t play wit my emotions😢’ and one othe follower said: ‘Tay tay I can’t wait to get this new music.’

One fan said: ‘Please, and next time that you’re on tour, please perform the ‘Calling All Lovers’ album. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 literally one of my favorite bodies of work ❤️❤️’

Someone else posted this: ‘Yes, he will and what’s already meant in his name will be done🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love you lord Jesus’ and a commenter said: ‘I’m faithful that he will cause I’m having it rough @tamarbraxton.’

One fan said: ‘Tamar get on my nerves she just need to give a little snippet.’

Tamar Braxton looks amazing in her latest clip. Check it out below.


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‘You see this señorita with the flower in her hair✨❤️ #extraordinarytamar🙏🏼🌟’ Tamar captioned her post.

Also, Tamar Braxton  shares a video on her social media account that has fans in awe. Check out the post that she dropped on her social media account.

‘Me…. Today.. cause God is able, heavy In the Tamar blessing business and cause I’m not going back in no church to catch the delta. But, I STILL got a praise in my spirit 🙏🏼✨ #extraordinaryTamar❤️🍀 #happybirthdaytome #praisehimanyhow😫’ Tamar captioned her post.

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