Saturday, July 10, 2021

KUWTK: Tristan Thompson Threatens To Kill Lamar Odom For Flirting With Khloe Kardashian Under Her Sultry Shower Pic! -


Despite the reports about their breakup, Tristan Thompson continues to flirt with Khloe Kardashian under her posts on social media! That being said, it turns out that he is not the only one of her exes doing that!

But Tristan was not at all happy to see Lamar Odom in her comment section on Instagram and proceeded to threaten him for thirsting over Khloe!

It all began with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star sharing a sexy pic in which she was using an outside shower while in a bathing suit.

Not too long after her post went live, Lamar Odom, who is Khloe’s former husband, commented the word ‘hottie,’ followed by a bunch of heart and fire emojis.

When Tristan, however, saw the flirty comment, he responded with: ‘God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results.’ Yikes!

This was, as you may know, a reference to Lamar’s drug overdose and comma he was in while still with Khloe.

Since he barely survived at the time, Tristan was, obviously, threatening to kill him if he continues to flirt with Khloe.

Naturally, fans were not happy about this since they know all too well that Tristan has cheated many times and also, has no right to be jealous since he and Khloe are reportedly broken up.

‘No one in the world more jealous than a man who cheats!’ one user argued.

Another asked ‘wait, what?,’ obviously confused that Tristan thinks he still has a say in who can compliment Khloe and who can’t.

When Khloe celebrated her 37th birthday last month, Tristan paid tribute to her, once again confusing fans because he made it seem like they were still together.

He wrote: ‘Thank you for being not just an amazing partner, mommy and best friend but being the kindest, most caring and most loving human I have ever met as well. Your love and spirit are so contagious to all who have met you. Thank you for being there for me and putting our family first.’

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