Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck 'Don't Feel The Need' To Tie The Knot Despite Being 'Fully Committed' To Each Other - Here's Why! -


They may have reunited after no less than 17 years apart but that’s not to say that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in a hurry to make up for the lost time by getting married soon. Here’s why they both feel like a wedding, or even an engagement, is not necessary, even though they are ‘fully committed’ to each other.

Jennifer Lopez has been married and engaged more than a couple of times and every time, she was sure it was with ‘the one’ she would spend the rest of her life with.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case and so, after a few failed relationships, she’s learned to be much more cautious and not rush into a serious commitment, no matter how right it may feel.

While on the Today Show, J.Lo. avoided a question about being so much ‘happier’ since the reunion with her old flame.

She simply admitted that she’s ‘happy’ before changing the topic to the release of her new hit, Love Makes the World Go Round.

‘I believe that message of loving one another and just coming together and love’s never more relevant than it is right now,’ she said.

But while she kept the details of her romance with Ben Affleck mostly under wraps, one source told E! News that she has, indeed, not ‘been this happy in a long time.’

The source went on to say that ‘[They] are fully committed to each other,’ before mentioning that after her recent split from former fiance, Alex Rodriguez, J.Lo. and Ben agree that they don’t need to ‘get married’ right now.

‘They have been meshing their lives and families and don’t feel the need to get engaged or tie the knot yet. They have both been there and don’t feel like it’s necessary. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They are both secure within their relationship and Ben just worships her. It is truly meant to be and everybody around them thinks they’re a perfect match.’

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