Friday, July 23, 2021

Chris Sails Apologizes To Queen Naija And Clarence; Says He Would Never Break Up A Happy Home -


According to the latest events, it seems that Chris Sails has apologized to Queen Nija and Clarence for the previous issues that they all had. Check out the latest reports coming from The Shade Room.

‘It takes growth for anyone to apologize and acknowledge they said or did something to hurt you. It’s no secret that #ChrisSails, his ex-wife #QueenNaija, and her boyfriend #Clarence have had a rocky relationship, but it looks like Chris is looking to start fresh and move forward positively,’ TSR notes.

TSR continues and reports that ‘He released a video explaining his previous actions on his YouTube channel and why he made videos referencing his ex. Chris got candid and kept it real by saying the reason behind the videos was because he was low on money.’

Chirs explained that during this time, he was helping his family and friends, and he’s also been looking out for so many people, although he didn’t have sufficient income to support himself. ‘I felt like God put me on this earth to help,’ he said.

Someone said: ‘i feel like tina go pop up outta nowhere,’ and another followr posted this: ‘Lmaooo went out sad , he know he can’t get her back so he gone apologizes.’

A fan said: ‘Do what u have to do to see your son 💯 I’m here for it … nt matters but him,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘he couldn’t break up that happy home even if he wanted to😭😭.’

One other follower said: ‘We’re humans, we all make mistakes & it takes a real man to admit his wrongdoings. John 8:7 🙂’ and a commenter posted this: ‘he’s tryna change & y’all talking down on him in the comments smh.’

Someone else said: ‘Is it me or is he only trending when he mentions @queennaija.’

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