Monday, July 5, 2021

Ammika Harris Will Make Your Day With New Pics Featuring Herself And Her Boy, Aeko -


Ammika Harris shared a bunch of new pics on her social media account in which she is featured along with baby boy Aeko. Check out the pics below.

‘Thanks Ammika for sharing Aeko with us. He makes us smile and put us in a Happy Place…’ someone said and another follower posted this message: ‘The food😫!!! First off, I love how Aeko physically touches you, especially at night, reassuring him you’re there. Second off, I love your Chanel sandals, & third off, I love your green outfit on the last slide❤️‍🔥.’


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Someone else posted this: ‘He said no matter what else I look at, I’m gettin’ this horse!!! 🤗🤣’ and a commenter said: ‘ That hand on u making sure u don’t go anywhere! You’re his security blanket momma! ❤️ That’s a special bond🤞 … I also love that green outfit!!’

One fan posted: ‘Those moments when they have to just touch their momma ❤️ my son still cuddles with me at 7’ and someone else said: ‘Your such a attentive mommy 😍 keep putting positive vibes back in the universe and you will get plentiful back 🙌 your a beautiful person inside & out god has many.’

On e other follower said: ‘I was searching for Aeko and my heart just did flip backs 😍his so adorable and you look beautiful Ammika.’

Ammika Harris went out for the first time in a really long time and she made sure to share her outfit on social media. Check out the pics and clips that she shared on her social media account.

‘This was my first time going out in forever, like really going out. U might can’t tell but I was very very uncomfortable, almost insecure. I wasn’t happy about my outfit and had to changed my hair 3x ( during the night) and even put my lashes on at the restaurant bathroom, plus I had an extra top in the car. I’ve been in quarantine way too long..happy things slowly getting back to normal over here. if u see me drunk and wasted next time, I hope u can mind your business 😭 (a picture doesn’t always reflect how we really feel)’ Ammika captioned her post.

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