Thursday, June 3, 2021

KUWTK: Kris Jenner Says She Still Wants Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick To 'Grow Old Together' - Check Out Kourtney's Reaction! -


Despite the fact that Kourtney Kardashian is currently very happy and in love with Travis Barker, it turns out that her momager wants her ‘happily ever after’ to be with Scott Disick! That’s right, Kris Jenner would love to see Kourt and Scott reunite and grow old together after years of being apart!

In a teaser for this week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris and Kourtney can be seen looking at an old photo album when they especially notice a throwback snap of the co-parents – Kourtney and Scott – from back when they were still a couple.

‘You guys look like you’re at the prom,’ the momager mentions, prompting Kourtney to say ‘That’s really funny to post actually,’ as she takes a pic of it with her phone to share on social media.

But for Kris, that old photo means more than just a funny shot to share with the reality TV family’s millions of followers.

After all, she used this opportunity to suggest that maybe they should get back together!

‘Listen, there is nothing that I’d love more than to see you live your life and to grow old with somebody, be happy, content and peaceful…and, it would always be fabulous if it was the father of your children, you know?’

‘Wouldn’t that be a dream,’ Kourtney says sarcastically.

But, of course, the matriarch is very serious as she adds: ‘He fits well with all of us because we have all been around each other for so long. I think that at this stage, from what he tells me, he’d love for it to be you and him.’

Kourtney goes on to make it clear that she’s sick and tired of Scott being a topic of discussion in the family when it comes to her and a possible reunion.

During a confessional, she tells the cameras: ‘My whole family, for a couple of years now, love to bring up me and Scott getting back together. It is frustrating because Scott and I have had our own talks in private, but sometimes I just don’t care to have it just be such a conversation all the time, so I’ll just kind of brush it off in a nice way.’

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