Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Emma Roberts And Garrett Hedlund's Relationship Reportedly Much Better After Welcoming Their Baby Boy! -


Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund could not be any happier in their new roles as parents after welcoming their baby boy! In fact, it turns out that having a child together has even improved their relationship a lot!

One insider report claims to know that the two make a great team when it comes to parenting their newest addition to the family and are in total baby bliss at this point!

The source shared via E! News that ‘Emma and Garrett are in a much better place since welcoming their son,’ adding that before having their son, the couple hit a rather rough patch, especially while she was pregnant.

Of course, it sounds like they were talking about Garrett’s struggle with his sobriety.

The actor was actually arrested in January of 2020 over a DUI incident.

But, by the end of the year and months after revealing the pregnancy, Emma and Garrett were back in a ‘solid and great place!’

His rep told E! News that ‘When the incident occurred, Garrett immediately sought treatment which was successful.’

In December of last year, the Scream Queens actress gave birth to her first ever child, naming their son Rhodes Robert Hedlund.

The insider dished that Garrett ‘has really stepped it up and is a great dad to Rhodes. It was a massive adjustment for both of them at first, but they have been a great team and have worked through all the ups and downs together.’

In the meantime, Emma has returned to work, participating in several projects and while ‘It’s been really hard, Garrett and her family have been a huge help’ with the baby boy.

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