Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris Is Rocking Her Toned Body In Green Lingerie - Check Out Her Post Pregnancy Secrets -


Ammika Harris flaunted her toned body in green lingerie and showed her fans and followers what she is working with. Check out her latest photos below.

‘(going to the gym to look like this without holding my breath lol) @loungeunderwear.’ Ammika captioned her post.

Fans were obviously impressed by her figure and they made sure to ask her what she has been doing to stay in shape.

‘How did you get your belly back after pregnancy 🤰 ? ❤️’ someone asked her.


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Ammika responded with: ‘I don’t, I still have extra skin. but working out. Chasing Aeko. Helps A lot. don’t be frustrated about it. It’s a lot mentally too. when your body is ready it will let u know.’

The follwoer said: ‘@ammikaaa thank you gorgeous you just amazing the way you are ❤️.’

Someone else posted this: ‘I love this green set! I’ve been loving the green on you lately. Lucky💚’ and a fan said: ‘I look a good 4 months pregnant if I don’t engage my core so I understand 😂’

Ammika Harris went out for the first time in a really long time and she made sure to share her outfit on social media. Check out the pics and clips that she shared on her social media account.

‘This was my first time going out in forever, like really going out. U might can’t tell but I was very very uncomfortable, almost insecure. I wasn’t happy about my outfit and had to changed my hair 3x ( during the night) and even put my lashes on at the restaurant bathroom, plus I had an extra top in the car. I’ve been in quarantine way too long..happy things slowly getting back to normal over here. if u see me drunk and wasted next time, I hope u can mind your business 😭 (a picture doesn’t always reflect how we really feel)’ Ammika captioned her post.

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