Friday, May 7, 2021

Toya Johnson Is Twinning With Her Daughter, Reginae Carter In This Workout Video -


Toya Johnson is twinning with her daughter, Reginae Carter in this workout video. Check out the clip that The Shade Room dropped on their social media account.

‘She is putting in work in her @whatwaistofficial ThermaTech™ set. The innovative silver lining inside is engineered to increase the number of fat cells you lose. Pair it with the @whatwaistofficial Vapor band for the ultimate sweat session. Get the entire look today by ordering through Sezzle to make your four interest-free payments. Check out the @warriorlifestyleprogram for exclusive recipes, certified instructor-led exercises, and mental health tips,’ TSR notes.

Someone said: ‘She’s looking the same age as her daughter,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Y’all messy knowing she pedalling backwards…you can tell she doesn’t do this😩’

Someone else posted: ‘She going the wrong way lol she doesn’t do this every day.’

One other follower said: ‘FYI: You work this machine forward & backwards to target different areas,’ and a commenter said: ‘I can tell, you guys don’t work out; you can pedal forward or backwards depending on what body part you’re working on 😄’

One other Instagrammer posted this: ‘Y’all do know people pedal backwards on the elliptical all the time to work hamstrings and such 😒 sounds like you’re the ones that don’t do this all the time lol 🥴😂’

Someone else said: ‘Seems like it’s just for promotion, seems like she doesn’t hit the gym like that, she just keeps her body up to part.’

In other news, Toya Johnson shared a video with which she was able to touch a lot of fans’ hearts.

‘This is so touching! 😢 ❤️Remember that smile makeover Me and @doctoramira teamed up for…Well, after many visits, we are proud to show you her new smile. You look amazing, @shysweetsassy ❤️❤️ This really made my day. It’s always a blessing to bless others. Good job @doctoramira you did an amazing job!’ Toya said.

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