Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Reportedly First Reunited To Get A Reaction Out Of Alex Rodriguez But She Caught Feelings, Source Says -


According to some insiders, Jennifer Lopez initially reunited with her ex, Ben Affleck just to get a reaction out of her fiance, Alex Rodriguez amid their relationship problems. However, the triple threat ended up catching feelings while hanging out with her old flame again!

Believe it or not, J.Lo.’s feelings are apparently ‘real’ even though she is reportedly dating Ben Affleck again after so many years.

You may have heard the unconfirmed news that Ben and Jen are an item once more, the two having been one of the most iconic famous couples of the early 2000s.

But now, one source tells HollywoodLife that their romance started as an attempt to get a ‘reaction’ out of Jen’s ex fiance, Alex Rodriguez!

‘This started with her trying to get a reaction from A-Rod, but then she realized that it could turn into something and she would be lying if she said that does not make her feel good. Her feelings on having something with Ben are real and Jen wants to explore that. Things with Alex are over forever in her eyes and she’s working on moving on. Jennifer’s still taking things slow with Ben. It sort of happened. She is just seeing where things go and just trying not to overthink or to put pressure on it and Ben seems to give her all the time that she needs. She is calling the pace right now,’ they dished.

The same unnamed source went on to tell the same outlet that ‘Jen’s kids were also very, very close to A-Rod and she is still helping them process this new life after their split. They were so close to his kids as well and they really were a blended family which is another reason she is not rushing [into something serious with Ben Affleck].’

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