Friday, May 21, 2021

Jennifer Carroll Foy Is Determined To Make History As The First Ever Black Female Governor Of Virginia - Here's Why It's So Important She Gets Elected! -


Jennifer Carroll Foy is determined to make history as the first-ever Black female Governor of Virginia! The 39-year-old is already a public defender, state legislature and a mom of two and she would love nothing more than to also become a role model to millions of young girls that look like her.

After all, as far as she’s concerned, representation and diversity are very important since ‘it’s hard to be what you cannot see.’

During an interview with HollywoodLife, the politician stated that she is the right choice for that job because ‘I do not have to empathize with people who are hungry, going without healthcare, and living paycheck to paycheck. I understand because I lived it.’

In spite of her struggles as a young girl, Foy has managed to reach amazing success and she is obviously not done leaving her handprint onto society.

She is well aware that if she gets voted in, she will also make history as the first Blach female Governor in the country!

‘There are millions of young Brown girls, who’ve never seen a Brown woman leading this nation and who are yet to see one lead any state. It is truly unfortunate in 2021 that we are still having these conversations. But that is where I come in. Because breaking down such barriers and blazing trails is something that I’m used to doing.’

The politician went on to detail her experience of being pregnant and giving birth to her twin boys after many complications.

Her sons, who are now 3 years old, were born prematurely and Foy stressed that she nearly lost her life because the doctors continuously ignored her excruciatingly painful pregnancy complications, on the basis of her race.

As a result, she is determined to make healthcare equally accessible for everyone in the country!

She recalled ‘falling to my knees in pain and my husband saying ‘this cannot be right, this cannot be normal and he rushed me to the emergency room… I was informed if I had stayed home a couple more days, I would’ve lost my life. But, you shouldn’t have to have a Jeff, to survive childbirth. What every single person in Virginia deserves is a governor who truly understands that in the tenth wealthiest state in the nation, we shouldn’t have Black women dying at third world country rates.’

For much more of what she had to say, check out the original interview on HollywoodLife!

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