Thursday, May 20, 2021

Eva Marcille Shows Fans How She Keeps Negativity Away -


Eva Marcille is showing fans how she is keeping the negativity away these days. Check out her post below.

‘Grab your evil eye necklace @evabyevamarcille I wear one every day. Keeping the vibration positive and the negativity far away. Attracting happiness and warding off all others 👁’ she posted.

Someone said: ‘Waiting on my package to come right now and one other follower said: ‘I like the necklace but I am confused. I was told that the evil eye represents evil. Can you educate me?’

One follower posted this: ‘It’s the gorgeous friend for me!!’ and one other follower said: ‘@evamarcille I’m grabbing it for it can be my 3rd 👁️ I love your jewelry.’

Someone said: ‘Would like to purchase the Evil Eye necklace shown in the picture…don’t see it on your website. Could you please advise? Thanks!@evamarcille.’

One other follower posted this: ‘@evamarcille my good friend long time no see, you need to hit up my people for your RETWIST @wealthycrownz / @theeogab.’

A fan said: ‘I know it’s about the necklace, still, I see an extra glow demonstrated by being faithfully loved well by your husband. 🔥’

Eva Marcille flaunted her natural beauty in a video on social media. Check it out on her social media account.

‘You are so naturally gorgeous 😍’, someone said, and another follower posted this message: ‘Eva!!! I LOVE your hair😍 I want mine done so bad.’

Also,  Eva  dropped an important message telling people that she defends the African marketplace and drum circle farmers market.

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