Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Erica Mena Shares An Emotional Message About Her Kids - Read It Here - yuetu.info


Erica Mena shared an emotional message about her children. She is about to give birth to her third one soon.

‘I remember the days when making things like this happen for my son I had to penny pinch and really save up. I brought my girl to Disney world. My mind was blown at some point because I found out shortly after we arrived my home was violated but nonetheless, I got a chance to make memories with my only girl in the world. My kids really do mean everything to me. I sacrificed so much just so I can provide for my first. I’m not a perfect mom but I swear I will die trying to give them the world. Two under two! LETS GOO ♥️ I got this ♥️🧿🙏🏽’ Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘No mom is perfect. But I’m sure your kids believe you are, and that is all that matters ♥️🧿’ and one other follower said: ‘It’s a boy👏👏 she said to my only girl in the post and I am sure they know the self by now.’

One commenter posted this: ‘So cute…❤️ now if Safaree could just get his shit together 🙄’ and someone else said: ‘facts! still remember when you brought king and your mom to disneyland for his bday before coming on our trip. always fam!!’

Someone else posted this message: ‘Wow beautiful but that’s Ashame you can’t go on vacation with your family and come back home to your house 🏡 jealous ppl Ashame.’

One fan said: ‘Very lovely give them God as well and they will have everything they need,’ and another commenter said: ‘So Beautiful 😍 You Got this Queen Keep Up the Great Work ❤️’

Erica is living her best life now, waiting to give birth. Fans and followers are excited for her.

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