Saturday, May 22, 2021

Ana De Armas - Here's How Ben Affleck’s Ex-GF Reacted To Him Moving On With Jennifer Lopez! -


Amid reports that Ben Affleck has reunited with his former fiancee, Jennifer Lopez, many years after their iconic romance, fans have been wondering how Ana de Armas feels about her ex’s rekindled romance. As you know, the two dated not too long ago and following their split, the actor seemingly moved on with J.Lo. pretty quickly.

Only months after Ben and Ana ended their fling, the reports started going around that Benifer was back and the many instances of them hanging out have been the ultimate proof!

At this time, Ana is shooting The Gray Man in Spain and she hasn’t publicly talked about her ex’s viral new (old) romance but one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘she has no bad feelings about Ben. Their relationship simply ran its course and she is happy if Ben is happy. So, if he is pursuing Jennifer or anybody else, she just hopes he’s in a great place.’

They went on to mention that Ana really had a great time with Ben during their one year of dating each other and that’s the most important part.

But even if she hadn’t moved on and felt hurt to hear about Ben and Jen’s supposed reunion, she would still be too busy to ponder on it too much.

Another insider dished that ‘Ana has been in Spain, really busy working on The Gray Man and hasn’t had time to focus on Ben’s personal life. There are no hard feelings between Ben and she. They shared some special memories, but it was not meant to be. They have moved on and she is having fun focusing on her career and spending time with her close friends.’

In the meantime, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continue to make headlines by hanging out more and more, even going on romantic vacations together!

At this point in time, however, neither has confirmed their reunion!

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