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Alexis Skyy And Akbar V Get Into An Altercation After They Attend The Same Club -


It’s been reported that Alexis Skyy and Akbar V got into an altercation after they attended the same club. The Shade Room revealed all the available details and a video.

Someone said: ‘I just know it was Akbar’s fault, she’s always in some mess tryna fight somebody!’ and another follower posted this message: ‘That don’t look like Alexis vs akbar that look like akbar vs the other girl , alexis look normal assel” confused “🤣’

One other commenter posted this message: ‘They said akbar and Alexis fighting but Alexis in the white sooooo how exactly is she trying to fight Alexis ?’

Someone else said: ‘It’s bout to be a 👀 GIRL FIGHT *in my Brooke Valentine’s voice*😂😂’ and one other follower said: ‘One thing about Akbar is she’s going to fight anybody.’

Someone else said: ‘it’s the fact akbar knows she can’t fight & still will 😂😂’ and one other follower said: ‘Alexis Acting Real Pretty ❤️❤️ Klondike Bar Doing Too Much. Now Is Time To Grow Up!’

A follower posted this: ‘It dnt look like Alexis was interested in fighting to me 🤷🏾‍♂️’

At the end of last year, Alexis Skyy made some fans completely freak out when she announced to everyone that she’s in the hospital. Some people, on the otheer hand, shaded her for filming herself like that.

Just in case you don’t know the story so far, well, Alexis Skyy filmed herself while she was on a hospital bed and said that she could not wait to get out of the hospital.

She did not offer fans and followers more details about what had happened, so they started guessing the possibilities in the comments.

Someone said: ‘I feel bad for her, but I know she still gonna stay with him, so whatever sis 🤣’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘He showed you his true colours it’s up to you to continue playing the game or end it.’

Toya Johnson's Baby Girl, Reign Rushing Is Slaying This Pose -


Toya Johnson‘s baby girl, Reign Rushing is getting bigger with each passing day, The young lady looks amazing in her latest pics and you can check these out here.

‘That 2nd pic is definitely giving me my sister Nae taught me how to slay this pose😍’ Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘She is just so cute, and her is always on Drip,’ and one other follower posted this message: ‘She DOES look like a big girl here😍’

One other follower said: ‘It Is Always a Beautiful Smile At the End of This🌈 @reign_beaux,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I just love her little cute self @toyajohnson your an amazing mom 😘❤️’

Someone else said: ‘Put in that last call and have that 3rd hoping it’s a boy 🥰🥰’ and one follower said: ‘She looks like her big sis on the second pic 😍 I ❤️her! That’s my friend friend 🙌😂😂’

Someone else said: ‘Toya she is definitely her dads twin… maybe 🤔 the next one will be your twin..beautiful Princess.’

Toya Johnson shows off her glam room makeover. Check out the posts that she shared on her social media account below.

‘My fav @therealnoigjeremy came to our studio on his day off and gave my glam room a makeover. I love it JJ💞💞💞 thank you so much! I’m loving the way our work space is coming together! #TWP #BBH #Rushlifemusic #Rushtravel #WNM #A&Rstudiosatl #wegrindtogetherweshinetogether💎 💪🏾’ Toya captioned her post.

In other recent news, Reign Rushing  has a lot of fans these days, especially among  Toya Johnson ‘s followers. She shared a video featuring the baby girl, and fans went crazy with excitement after seeing the cutie pie.

‘The finesse game is strong already that’s my girl 🥰’ Toya captioned her post.

Also, Toya Johnson  shared a bunch of photos featuring  Robert Rushing  and  Reign Rushing . Check out the sweet pics that she shared on her social media account.

Rasheeda Frost Shares New Dubai Pics From Her Birthday Celebration -


Rasheeda Frost was in Dubai for her birthday and Kirk Frost made sure that she has the time of her life. Check out the pics that she dropped on her social media account.

‘Just returned from #Dubai & I’m ready to go back @frost117 😩😂 I had such an amazing birthday & thank you to everyone for sending me birthday love & well wishes! #gemini #allday #visitdubai #itslit,’ Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Why do black folks support Gucci they don’t like y’all 🤷’ and another follower posted this message: ‘Happy belated birthday and I love you. Thank you for being a great role model to us young women ❤️🙌🏼’

One fan said: ‘Always Best Dressed. I really love the way she dresses and her hair she winning period,’ and another follower posted this: ‘It’s an amazing country to visit!!! And this is a normal feeling.. just want escape again 💕’

Someone else said: ‘Glad you had a wonderful birthday!’ and one other follower said: ‘I can’t wait to go they have the biggest mall in the world 🌎 definitely on my to do list glad u had fun 😍😍😍’

A fan said: ‘Cute Rasheeda 🔥🔥 You and Kirk look good together!! You don’t know me; however, I’ve been watching you Boss Lady- Keep LIVING LOVE!!!’ and someone else posted this: ‘Awww I wish I’ll finally find someone who I can rock with such a very long time and yall business partners alright yall.’

Someone else said: ‘Such a beautiful couple! Team frost all the way!❤️’

Rasheeda Frost is showing off her toned legs in this mini dress. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

Someone said: ‘As good as you look im way more impressed with your attitude and how nice you were the multiple times I’ve met you,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I’m missed you on Sunday visiting from NJ your restaurant is the bomb! The food was delicious! I gonna catch you my next visit❤️’

Kandi Burruss' Son, Ace Wells Tucker Dropped A New YouTube Video -


Kandi Burruss’ son, Ace Wells Tucker shared a video on his YouTube account. Check it out below.

‘My baby @acetucker just dropped a new Youtube video! Check it out & smile today on #AcePlaysAndGiveAways,’ Kandi captioned her post.

Someone else said: ‘Aww he is so handsome 😍😍’ and one other follwoer said: ‘cutest kid ever! such a joyful personality.’


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A post shared by Kandi Burruss (@kandi)

A follower said: ‘He’s so darn adorable! I can’t believe how grown he is. I just love seeing your sweet babies. ❤️😍😘’ and someone eelse posted this: ‘These kids loveee YouTube and TikTok. Lordt. 😹😹 I still have videos I need to edit for my 5 year old 😩😣😣🤦🏽‍♀️. Thank God y’all can pay someone to do yours🙌🏽🤞🏽’

Someone else said: ‘@kandi @acetucker has one of the most kind spirit. He’s gonna make you proud of what he deposits into the world. If everyone could just be as sweet as him for just one day.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Your twin Kandi an the restaurant was fabulous I have a champagne 🍾 brand I’m working would like for you an HUSBEND too try,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘He has the same exact smile as you. He even throws his hands in the air the same way that you do. Nice.’

A fan said: ‘The Prince of Atlanta. I love how he always just being a kid, doing what kids is supposed to be doing!! Kandi your a great wife and mother!’

One other follwoer said: ‘It still look like a dream to me that am cured totally of this Herpes Virus. I came in contact with a friend who gave me this herbal medicine to drink for 7days. My heart is filled with overwhelming joy, I encourage you to visit my profile and pictures for more information.’

Stay tuned for more news.

Gabrielle Union Says That Team Work Makes The Dream Work -


Gabrielle Union said that teamwork makes the dream walk. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account here.

‘Teamwork Makes The Dream Work🖤🖤We had a lil pre-party kick back with the toddler crew before #ZayaOnWheels @kaaviajames @dwyanewade,’ Gabrielle said.

Someone else posted this: ‘Baby know how to swim , play soccer and skate 😭😍’ and one other follower said: ‘❤️ she needs her own shady Baby emojis lol , she have the best face expressions.’

A fan said: ‘Happy Holiday Gabunion and Dewayne beautiful princess personality 👸🏾’ and one other follower said: ‘How well do you know your man? Search his number on my bio and prepare yourself for the results 🤫’

Someone else said: ‘Beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️ Gabby your hair tho!!😍😍’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I’ve been binge-watching Being Mary Jane and inquiring minds want to know, is it coming back 💗”

Someone said: ‘OMG, I remember when I was learning how to roller skate 😂🤣, I fell so many times and scratched up my knees, but when I got the hang of it, I was in the wind 🍃. And til this day I still love to skate forward and backwards, spinning all around. She is solo cute in her skates, go girl 👏’

Gabrielle Union shared a photo and a message for Zaya Wade’s 14th anniversary. Check out the post here.

‘Happy Birthday @zayawade ❤⭐❤ 14!!!! 🎂🎁💥 We ❤ you so much and we are so proud of you! Keep shining my 🖤’ Gabrielle captioned her post.

Gabrielle posted a message about her daughter, aka the shady baby. Check out her post below.

‘THANK YOU!!!! #ShadyBaby made the New York Times Best Seller List!!!! Thank you to everyone who bought the book, supported the book, supported our family and took the time to give good reviews! We are SO GRATEFUL!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! #ShadyNation showed up and showed OUT!!! 📚🤗’ Gaby captioned her post.

Jordyn Woods Shares New Pics Featuring Her BF, Karl -


Jordyn Woods shared some new photos featuring her BF, Karl and her fans and followers are in awe. Check out the post that she shared on social media below.

Jordyn said: ‘one too many old fashions and karl thought his beard was his mask 💀😂🥃’

Someone else posetd this message: ‘S/O to the vaccine holding me down real quick ✊🏽😂’ and a commenter said: ‘Y’all genes are strong😭🤭 I definitely was thinking what is Jodie doing holding hands with Jordyn’s man😂’

One other follower said: ‘I so wish I saved all my clothes from the 90’sfor my daughter’s and a commenter posted this: ‘Here’s your reminder to fix your posture and stay motivated- STOP SLOUCHING 😤♥️’


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A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods)

Someone else said: ‘Just take yo mask off cuz he doesn’t have one and y’all holding hands and Ik he kissing too 😂😂’ and one other follower said: ‘He makes her look short 🥺 and she’s so tall it’s so cute.’

Jordyn Woods  is also showing her fans the sneaker collection, and they are beyond impressed. Check out her video.

‘The Sneaker Tour Today I’m giving you a peek inside my sneaker collection, counting down my rarest, most worn, and most OG pairs in my closet👟💎👟’, Jordyn said.

Fans were simply in awe. Someone commented: ‘That was cute, short and sweet @jordynwoods. I have recently started becoming a sneaker lover and would LOVE the Dior sneakers, but I’m definitely working my way up the sneaker ladder. Somebody suggest my next pair. I LOVE @adidas and never owned a pair of Jordan’s so any suggestions from a real #sneakerhead is welcome. I like comfort, style, and I’m a size 9 in women’s.’

Jordyn Woods is flaunting a new look and her fans are here for it. Check out the clip that she shared.

Cynthia Bailey Addresses Symbols And Good Luck And Prosperity - Check Out Her Post Here -


Cynthia Bailey is addressing all kinds of symbols that involve prosperity, good luck and more. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

‘“Elephants are revered as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, destroyer of evil, remover of obstacles, as well as strength, power, wisdom, memory, and vitality. God’s beautiful creation.”🐘 #happysunday #humbled #blessed #grateful #covered #peace #loved

#favoriteanimal #loveandlight,’ Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Your peach Bellini is so good!!! Looking forward to the cherry Italian ice! Are they everywhere?😍’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘Elephants 🐘 are everything and so are you! 🤍🖤’

One other follower posted this: ‘I ABSOLUTELY Love Elephants on this Beautiful Sunday I send A Resounding Heartfelt Thank you to my Heavenly Father who Continuously PROVIDES for my family and I #JehovaJireh❤️👏’

A fan said: ‘Beautiful woman bless you. Happy Sunday to you and your family bless you all,’ and someone else posetd this message: ‘🔥 you are amazing and an inspiration to all of the 50+ ladies.’

One other follower posted this: ‘Oh you fancy huh👏🏽🔥! Black queens! The world needs to know that THIS IS US!!!❤️’

Cynthia Bailey is wishing her BFF a happy birthday and she also made sure to share a post in order to mark the event. Check it out below.

‘this was so much fun! look what i found! happy birthday month to my friend @countessluann! continue to live life like everyday is your birthday beautiful!🥂🥂🥂@lisarinna @bravoandy’ Cynthia captioned her post.

Cynthia Bailey shares a fresh look in her latest pics, and fans cannot get enough of her. Check out her colourful outfit here.

‘“got to start wearing more color.”🧡💙💚thanks @vanitykloset @depaul_norwood @fused_hair @mal_bailey @divojb @danikaberry for taking care of me!’ Cynthia captioned her photo.

Gabrielle Union Celebrates Zaya Wade's 14th Anniversary - See The Proud Mom's Post Here -


Gabrielle Union shared a photo and a message for Zaya Wade’s 14th anniversary. Check out the post here.

‘Happy Birthday @zayawade ❤⭐❤ 14!!!! 🎂🎁💥 We ❤ you so much and we are so proud of you! Keep shining my 🖤’ Gabrielle captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘A fellow Gemini!! Of course!!! Happy Birthday!! 🎈’ and a commenter said: ‘Lots of great people were born on this day. Happy Birthday Zaya.’

A fan said: ‘🗣Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!’ and one other follower posted this: ‘Verified

Happy Birthday beautiful!!!! 14 is an Ahhmazing age… enjoy and continue being a blooming flower💗♥️💙’

One fan said: ‘Happy Birthday @zayawade can’t wait to celebrate 🎉 🎊’ and one fan posted this: ‘Why Zaya be eating and leaving 0 crumbs like this.’

A followewr said: ‘Happy birthday you are such an inspiration, courageous and beautiful young lady, My son loves you as we watch you on your amazing journey.’

Someone else said: ‘Oh, don’t mind me.👮🏾‍♂️ I’m just patrolling this comment section. (Make sure to tag me if you see any perpetrators!)’

A follower posted this: ‘Dang, Kaavia looks like you @zayawade. Happy birthday 🎂🥳🎉’ and a commenter said: ‘Why is she so adorable?!?! So happy she found herself young and has such supportive parents. 💜💜’

Gabrielle Union posted a message about her daughter, aka the shady baby. Check out her post below.

‘THANK YOU!!!! #ShadyBaby made the New York Times Best Seller List!!!! Thank you to everyone who bought the book, supported the book, supported our family and took the time to give good reviews! We are SO GRATEFUL!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! #ShadyNation showed up and showed OUT!!! 📚🤗’ Gaby captioned her post.

Stay tuned for more news about Gabrielle and her family.

Phaedra Parks Wishes A Happy Birthday To Her BFF - See Their Pics To Mark This Event -


Phaedra Parks shared some pics for her BFFs birthday and she made sure to send her a message via social media as well. Check out her recent post here.

‘Whether it’s @thewhytechocolate or milk #chocolate we both melt in your mouth and not your hands! 😛#HappyBirthday #bestfriend I love you 😘❣️🥰’ Phaedra said.


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A post shared by PHAEDRA (@phaedraparks)

Someone said: ‘Oh so this is white chocolate, Team Gemini HBD beautiful,’ and another follower posetd this: ‘Happy Birthday Monique💗💐GOD’S✨Eternal Love✨Grace And Blessing Upon You✨I Hope You Enjoy Your Special Day✨’

One fan posted this message: ‘Omg!!! @phaedraparks from the top to the bottom your are by far the sexiest chocolate I’ve ever seen!!! Love you to the moon and back!!! 😍 21+ years of #bestfriendship.’

A follower said: ‘I caught it Lmaooo 🍑@phaedraparks I live for you hunni 😍😍’ and one fan said: ‘Happy birthday!🥳’

Someone else posted this: ‘Not the Whyte chocolate from the episodes 😂😂’ and a commenyter said: ‘You two are both delicious looking pieces of chocolate! Looking good, Phae!!🔥🔥’

Phaedra Parks shared some new pics in which she looks amazing. Check out her look here.

Someone said: ‘The smile you make when you about to come back to RHOA and shake shit up,’ and another follower posted this message: ‘One thing about miss parks is she gone enjoy her a derby 😂’

Also, it’s been just revealed that Phaedra is making a grand return to Bravo TV for an appearance on RHOA.

The Shade Room has more details about the issue, and you can check them out below.

Phaedra Parks will be making her highly anticipated return to the network, according to an exclusive by People, says TSR.

Safaree Reveals His New Song Via Social Media - Check It Out Here -


Safaree reveals his new tune on IG and you can check it out below. Here it is.

‘Song of the wknd for Memorial Day wknd🚨🚨 “Tek off” on all platforms now go stream it,’ he wrote.

Someone said: ‘I don’t I don’t care, him & Nicki have similarities when it comes to flow etc… even the way they say, “yo” but it’s bound to happen.’

One other follower posted this message: ‘Idk what he said but it sounds fye .😂🔥’ and a commenter said: ‘Nobody likes u anymore cause you’re hurting erica feelings and while she’s pregnant 🙄’

One commenter posted this: ‘Omg, this is so wack on all levels. Stick to uh yard style. Crossover isn’t for you😂😂😂’ and a follower said: ‘I love it when you focus on your music.’

Someone else posetd this message: ‘Maybe if he wraps in English it might be better,’ and one other follower said: ‘Why are you touching another female while being married? I don’t get it booooooo not respectful at all.’

Back in November, it’s been revealed that Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena seemed to be really over for good.

This is what fans concluded after the man’s latest post in which he called himself a ‘bachelor!’

Safaree Samuels took to social media to share a pic featuring him and the caption might have just confirmed he and Erica Mena are no longer an item.

This comes about a month after rumours they had called it quits started going around.

The rapper’s post definitely seemed to confirm that he and his wife are indeed headed for a divorce after no more than a year together as a married couple.

Now, these two are reportedly separated again and Erica allegedly filed for divorce.

Ammika Harris' Latest Photos Have Fans In Awe - Check Them Out Here -


Ammika Harris shared some new pics on her social media account and fans are loving her look! Check out the photos that she shared on social media below.

A follower said: ‘The nails!!!💅🏾and you and Michelle lol❤️’ and someone else posted this: ‘Why karruche copycat on U always?😂 u r so beautiful✨’

One otheer follower said: ‘Nothing much, loving those nails😍@ammikaaa,’ and someone else posted this messaage: ‘Your nails are never this shape and I fuxxking love this shape on your fingers. 😍🔥 @ammikaaa.’

Someone else said: ‘Love the display of stretch marks..shows authenticity. Keep it real,’ and one follower said: ‘I live to see the nail designs 😍🔥’


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A post shared by Ammika Harris (@ammikaaa)

Someone else said: ‘U finally try a new nail shape 😍 it look go on you Ammika,’ and one other follower said: ‘Ehhh girl don’t feel offended but… Your beauty is out of this world 😍🔥’

A follower said: ‘Count on her to get a nail design that is unique💅’ and someone else posted this: ‘Ehhh girl don’t feel offended but… Your beauty is out of this world 😍🔥’

Ammika Harris shared a sweet clip with her and Chris Brown’s son, Aeko. Check out the video below.

Someone said: ‘Soooo handsome! Looking like his Daddy’s twin❤️❤️❤️’ and another follower posted this message: ‘This honestly might be the best celebrity kid 🔥’

Ammika Harris shared some hair-related secrets with her fans and followers on her social media account. Check out her post.

‘Safe to say @bondiboost WORKS for me!! This is my 3 months hair growth result! Swipe to see before and after!’ Ammika said.

Someone else said: ‘YOUR HAIR! It grew so long. Thanks for the update. I might have to invest in this,’ and a follower posted this: ‘Wow your hair looks so good! Definitely works well😍’

Stay tuned for more news these days.

Diddy Hosts A Function At His Crib - See His Video Here -


Diddy hosted a function at his crib and made sure to share this via social media. Check out his post below.

Someone said: ‘Soulja was the first to eat a chicken wing on IG,’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘Damn even Tracie Ellis Ross up in there. 😂’

One follower posted this: ‘You know Ray Jay drunk he just back there vibin 😂’ and someone else said: ‘I wanna go to a Diddy party 😍’s the views for me !’

Someone else said: ‘He always got all the right people all together,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Issa where is insecure get out the pool now.’

A follower posted this messaage: ‘One thing Draya gone do is make sure she at the function,’ and one other commenter said:’Soulja boy was. The first to do a video with Diddy eating chicken.’

One other follower said: ‘I was invited but my job wouldn’t let me off smdh,’ and a fan posted this: ‘I love seeing successful Black people have fun! As they should.’

Last year, it’s been revealed that approximately seven years ago, Hot New Hip Hop reported today, a vacation photograph of Jay-Z and Beyoncé went viral on social media, subsequently becoming a meme. The photo featured the power couple enjoying a vacation together.

The outlet says someone snapped a photo of Jay-Z and Beyonce as they were jumping into the water. The image featured both of them jumping with joy, but it was the way Jay-Z lept into the water that caught everyone’s attention.

On the 13th of November, Friday, another clip went viral except this time it was of P. Diddy , who also goes by the name, Sean Combs. The picture featured the legendary hip-hop mogul adjusting his goggles before jumping into a pool.

Papoose Is Wishing Remy Ma A Happy Birthday - See His Message -


Papoose wishes Remy Ma a happy birthday via social media. Check out the post that he dropped on IG for her anniversary.

‘Happy born day to the Queen of all Queens. The multi talented Trendsetter, Mother, Wife, & independent boss lady. Who opened the door for so many. The most official @remyma I’ll stand in front of a firing squad for you!! No questions asked… you already know. Now let’s have fun! #blacklove,’ he wrote.

Someone said: ‘Happy B(earth)Day sisterGirlllll’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘The day came so fast happy bday Queen.’

One other follower said: ‘Happy birthday beautiful!!!! I love me some remy!!’ and someone else posetd this: ‘Wishing you’re Queen a Very Happy Birthday 🎂And Many More.’


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Papoose (@papoosepapoose)

One fan posted this message: ‘Happy birthday to one of the illest @remyma God bless u with more success in your life 🙏🏾🙏🏾’ and a commenter said: ‘Happy Birthday @remyma !! Enjoy Queen!’

Back in February, it’s been revealed that Remy Ma and Papoose ‘s 2-year-old ‘golden child’ Reminisce Mackenzie keeps them quite busy, but they are still excited to give her a sister or a brother! The rap couple opened up about their family plans during a new interview!

While on the HollywoodLife Podcast, Remy Ma and Papoose revealed whether they are currently expecting or not, amid rumour that they are!

‘With the golden child, we did IVF. They have to take eggs from me and some sperm from him, they then put it together and see how many embryos they can get. We did it twice and got one [embryo] the first time and then we got [another] the second time. When we went, I just told them, ‘Whichever was the first — that is the one I want you guys to implant.’ I did not want to know if it was a girl or a boy. And, that’s when we had my daughter,’ Remy shared with the news outlet.

Kim Kardashian - Here's What It Would Take For The KUWTK Star To Call Out The Divorce And Take Kanye West Back! -


Kim Kardashian was the one who filed for divorce from Kanye West but before that, she held onto hope they could make it work for the longest time! That being said, is there any possibility that she would still turn back at this point in their divorce process?

According to a new insider report, the door might just still be open to discussions.

In other words, it sounds like Kim is never saying never when it comes to rekindling her romance with the rapper with a couple of very strict conditions – ‘if he changes’ and ‘puts in the work!’

Until then, however, the KUWTK star is determined to move in with her life.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Kim’s door for reconciliation with Kanye was open even after filing for divorce, but as of now they are still barely communicating. Kim always just says ‘never say never’, but she is moving on with her life. If he changed and wanted to put in the work with her, she would probably be open to conversations, but that is not happening right now.’

They went on to dish that ‘She feels she gave Kanye many opportunities to work on the marriage and they ultimately grew apart. She will always love Ye and he will always love her and they do not just say that, they mean that, but the marriage was not working for Kim. She did not want a divorce but felt she had no choice. She is in a much different head space than she was when she filed.’

The same insider also mentioned that their four kids are actually ‘adjusting just fine’ to their new post-split lives.

After all, Kim is always super ‘hands on and present’ and keeps them on a very clear routine.

Furthermore, while they’ve kept their co-parenting arrangements private, the source assured everyone that Kanye sees his kids very often.

Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Pay Sweet Tributes To Daughter Zaya On Her 14th Birthday -


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are very proud and loving parents! That being said, on their daughter, Zaya Wade’s 14th birthday, they showered her with love, celebrating the teen’s special day with tributes on social media.

Gabrielle Union took to her platform to post a snap of Zaya posing fiercely for the camera in front of a simple white background and in the caption, she wrote: ‘Happy Birthday @zayawade❤!!!! 🎂🎁🎈💥💥. We love you so much and we’re so proud of you! Keep shining my 🖤.’

The teenage girl is wearing a super pretty, colorful, striped two-piece sweater and a pair of white pants, looking very fashionable and confident.

As for the accessories, she wears a super adorable flower necklace.

Soon after the sweet post went live, many friends and fans took to the comment section to also wish Zaya a happy birthday.

In a previous interview for ET, Wade and Union discussed their parenting, more precisely how they have always encouraged their kids to be their ‘authentic selves.’

‘We’re very proud, and I think what we are most proud of is what we are trying to do with them. You know, we try to push them [to be] their authentic selves. We are not trying to make them wear a mask or to be someone that they are not… we have done that since Zaya was 3 years old and we will continue now that Kaavia is 2 years old. We try to push them to understand, in this house, in this yard, these gates, there is freedom in here.’

He went on to explain that it’s ‘Because life is hard enough. And we understand that, so it is our job, inside our home, to [make sure] that they feel loved, they feel seen, they feel heard, and feel they can truly be themselves.’