Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tiny Harris Shares An Important Message About Earl “DMX” Simmons - yuetu.info


Tiny Harris had an important message to share about Earl “DMX” Simmons. Check out her serious IG post below.

‘We are issuing this statement to combat all the false and misleading reports that are circulating on social media. Last night Earl “DMX” Simmons was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at home. At this time, he remains in ICU in critical condition. Earl has been a warrior his entire life. This situation represents yet another road he must cross,’ Tiny wrote.

She continued: ‘The Simmons Family appreciates the overwhelming outpouring of heartfelt love, encouragement, support and prayers for Earl. Earl is someone whose life and music has been a source of inspiration and strength to so many people around the world. It is reassuring to see his fans return that same passion and energy to him during his time of need. Let’s keep the prayers ⬆️ for our brother @dmx … & thank God for all our Blessings. Happy Easter, Craig Broadhead

Desiree Lindstrom Tara Thomas’ Tiny captioned her post.


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Someone said: ‘Amen!!!this hits home for me. Earl (DMX) and I grew up together in the same hood lived in the same building!! Much prayer, my brother and the entire Family #homeoftheBraves forever.’

A commenter posted this: ‘What are the false and misleading reports? So he didn’t OD ?? I genuinely want to know. Cause last time I check, he had been sober.’

Someone else posyted this: ‘Just pray for him and the family. Social media is only to inform the masses. People need only to read and pray. That’s it, that’s all. Only.’

A follower said: ‘Resurrection day is today Jesus, you know exactly what you were doing! When he comes out of this, he will be powerful. God favours him! He will live, he will accept the call, he will walk in his purpose, he will speak your word, Lord Jesus! He will rise better than before! He will do what he’s a call to do ! He will be speaking to all Nation! He will be the head and not the tail! No Weapon formed against @dmx will not prosper in the blood of Jesus IN Jesus Name AMEN.’

Stay tuned for more news.

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