Friday, April 9, 2021

Tiny Harris Gets Blasted By Fans Following This IG Post -


Tiny Harris posted something on her social media account that upset her fans a lot. Check out what she said on her social media account below.

‘Damn!! This is the saddest news @dmx touched the hearts of the world with his music. I’m am so happy we got to see him & spend hours with him about a month ago at our house. My good friend @tarathomasagency told me he wanted to come by & see Tip & we made it happen. True HipHop Royalty.. his legacy will live for a lifetime. Thank you, King for Blessing us with your gift!! 🙏🏽💔’ she wrote.


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Someone else said: ‘They said stop posting this his manager said he’s still on life support and a commenter posted this: ‘I’m convinced y’all know and just not ready to tell us to cause how are all y’all saying Rest In Peace and this is y’all true homie and his manager saying he’s still alive.’

One fan said: ‘Brain dead is dead! The machine is keeping his heart pumping, but that man was gone, unfortunately. 😢’

A follower said: ‘They will probably pronounce him dead tomorrow. But the media should definitely let his family have some peace right now.’

Another commenter said: ‘My heart is breaking for a man I have never personally met. I see a man whose life was hard from birth but still found enough love within himself to pray for everyone wholeheartedly! I am truly in mourning right now for you. I’ve always admired you for your testimony and what you personified throughout your struggles. I just pray peace finds you at last.

“To live is to suffer” and you’ve suffered plenty! While you lay in the balance, I pray the scales tip in your favour (whichever direction that may be). I understand that you may not want to come back here, but the world is a better place with you here. Rap is the poetic storytelling of the streets, and your music tells a powerful story from which you came. I will forever be a fan of your raw energetic talent and your gift of word. I’m praying for you 🙅🏾‍♂️. #loveyou #MyFavoriteRapper #prayers #Please #fleshofmyflesh #bloodofmyblood 🙏🏾😢.’

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