Friday, April 16, 2021

KUWTK: Kris Jenner Helps Caitlyn Jenner With Her Career Plans Despite Bad Blood In The Past - Here's Why! -


It sounds like there’s zero bad blood between exes Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner! On the latest episode of KUWTK, the matriarch proved that all that negativity that was once between them is now in the past!

On the show, Kris tells daughters Kourtney and Kim that Caitlyn’s close friend, Sophia Hutchins, had reached out to her for advice regarding Caitlyn’s career.

The momager asked her daughters: ‘I just don’t know, am I going to want to go down this road?’

Sure enough, knowing their ‘rocky relationship the past few years,’ Kourtney admitted she was rather surprised Kris considered helping her.

But, just as Kim also noted, it’s quite a ‘big deal’ that Caitlyn reached out for Kris’ guidance as well!

‘She obviously knows that you are the best at that. And I think it is a really good way for you to heal as well. Could be therapeutic for you as well to talk to Caitlyn and to give her advice on her career,’ Kim told her mother.

Kris admitted that she still needs some time to ‘process the request’ from her former spouse.

Kourtney then reassured Kris that it was very understandable but added that ‘I do think it is, obviously like, being the big person to help.’

In the end, Kris decided to help the transgender icon with some advice on her next career move, telling Caitlyn and Sophia over FaceTime that ‘You know, YouTube’s a great idea. Because, there is so much content you can create to make it where it can be different all the time.’

Kris went on to mention that a YouTube channel could really bring Caitlyn ‘a great deal of money’ since many would definitely tune in to watch her videos.

In a confessional, Kris tells the camera: ‘Believe me, this isn’t an easy situation but, Cait really wants my advice. So, I think what she should do is start doing YouTube every day.’

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