Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Teen Daughter Apple Roasts Her GOOP Morning Routine In Hilarious TikTok! - yuetu.info


Gwyneth Paltrow‘s 16 year old daughter is hilarious, especially when it comes to roasting her own mom! Apple Martin took to TikTok to post a video in which she joked about Gwyneth’s unusual, Goop-centered morning routine and fans can’t stop laughing!

It’s no secret that Gwyneth is very focused on wellness but no one knows her routine better than her own daughter!

The teenager did not hold anything back when she made the TikTok video that got everyone on the platform laughing.

The clip is meant to be a commentary on what her mom does every single morning, pretty much since Apple was born and was recorded over another video previously posted to show off her Goop routine.

In the caption, Apple wrote simply: ‘A morning with my mom Gwyneth Paltrow.’

‘So first my mom drinks her Goopglow Superpowder and she eats nothing except for dates and almond butter. So she will have that. I suppose the Goopglow’s a part of her cleanse, which she has been on since the day I was born, apparently,’ the 16 year old says in the video.

But what about the actress and businesswoman’s skincare routine that keeps her looking youthful and glowing?

Supposedly, Apple’s mom spends no less than a full hour just applying her own skincare products.

‘It’s 8:00 am and she has been doing this since 7:00 am. She prances around the bathroom just putting on her millions of Goopglow products for her glowing skin.’

Finally, Apple made fun of her mom for her weirdly extensive collection of vagina-related Goop products.

‘Then she gets to work making some more vagina eggs and candles, also vagina candles, and vagina perfumes, and just everything vagina. And yeah, that is my mom’s morning routine.’

The girl said the word vagina so many times that her TikTok was censored and hidden on the platform but you can still check it out above!

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