Saturday, April 24, 2021

Gwen Stefani Reveals The Real Reason Why Adam Levine Will NOT Perform At Her And Blake Shelton's Wedding! -


During a new interview, Gwen Stefani opened up about some of her rather ‘simple’ but still ‘really fun’ plans for her and Blake Shelton‘s upcoming wedding! Not only that but the singer also revealed whether or not their friend and former The Voice co-star, Adam Levine, will also be there for their special day!

More precisely, fans have been wanting to know for a while, if the Maroon 5 frontman will be the one singing at their wedding!

Well as it turns out, neither Gwen nor Blake are even thinking about it!

While Blake previously joked that Adam’s music is too ‘boring,’ Gwen argued that she simply doesn’t want her wedding to be an A-lister event.

Instead, while on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Gwen dished that she wants to keep it really low-key.

‘I definitely would love to have Adam [Levine] sing at our wedding, but the thing is, I feel like we are not going to have a wedding band. I feel like we are not.’

The star revealed that most likely than now, they are ‘just gonna go with like a playlist. We are keeping it very simple—really simple.’

The host went on to say that it would probably be a lot of pressure to choose a wedding singer or band for their wedding since the wedding list will be filled with fellow musicians.

However, Gwen corrected him, saying that ‘I think the guest list will not have a lot of musicians. It’s going to be, like, my mom and my dad and just literally going to be just family, and we’re looking forward to that, though. it is going to be fun. We are going to make it really fun, but it is not going to be a big, you know, it’s not like the queen and king are getting married or something.’

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