Thursday, April 15, 2021

Eva Marcille Shares A Message In The Memory Of Daunte Wright -


Eva Marcille shared a message in the memory of Daunte Wright. Check out the post that had her fans emotional.

‘🙏🏾 Rest peacefully young king. Lord please bring justice for his family. How many more posts like this will our community have to endure 😔😡🙏🏾 SAY HIS NAME #DaunteWright #policebrutality #justicefordauntewright BLACK LIVES MATTER,’ Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘All he had to do is listen and don’t resist. Make sure you tell your children to listen and ask questions later . He resisted !! Do you not see anything wrong with that?’

One other follower said: ‘Where all the Asian ppl at now. BLM ✊🏾. Stand for sum or fall for anything. United we stand. #justicefordauntewright.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Why didn’t he just comply? The cop is wrong too.. but comply with police black people .. call your attorney once you are home alive!!’

A commenter said: ‘Lord Please Heal Our Land. All this killing got to stop😢😢. Praying for this Youngman family.’

Someone posted this: ‘this will stop when black will boycott white. Racism is based on economics. I thought boycotting the bus had taught you all something. Instead of watching tv or learning religious prayers with kids, let’s start learning the law and how to save lives.’

A follower posted this message: ‘DONT 👏🏼 RESIST 👏🏼 ARREST 👏🏼 AND 👏🏼 TRY 👏🏼 TO 👏🏼RUN 👏🏼 FROM 👏🏼 COPS. Geez a simple answer to all these tragic deaths. Stop blaming it on cops abs race that is tired already. Parents should teach their kids to obey the law. He was a thug that robbed a bank with a deadly weapon not some young little innocent boy that y’all trying to make him out to be. I’m not saying he deserved to die so don’t even go there. I’m saying he shouldn’t have robbed a bank then they wouldn’t have even had to attempt to arrest him. When are people gonna actually speak truth?? Or everyone just gonna pretend like these people didn’t listen to the commands of the officers???? 😳’

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