Friday, April 16, 2021

Cynthia Bailey Shares A Clip About RHOA Reunion - 'Welcome To The Dungeon' -


Cynthia Bailey shared an RHOA-related clip on her social media account. Check it out below.

‘WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON REUNION part 1 Welcome to the #RHOA REUNION dungeon…Part 1 kicks off next Sunday, April 25th on @BravoTV!’ Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Never thought I would see Marlo being a follower. Oh, and Porsha is the show. Nobody would be getting a check if it wasn’t for her PeriodT.’

Someone said: ‘They made this who scene about Porsha, they need to pay Porsha more than everyone,’ and a commenter said: ‘Porsha is just minding her business, leave her alone. Grown women here.’

One follower posted this: ‘It’s all about Porsha. I ‘m going to say it like Todd said when they asked him who he finds the most attractive housewife. Porsha Porsha Porsha 😂😂😂!! You might as well give her an own show. She is carrying the whole show herself!!’

Someone else said: ‘Kenya always can talk about someone’s BD/Husband but get mad when someone discusses her Lemon Head husband that can’t stand the ground she walks on.’

One follower said: ‘So they gangin up on Porsha again??? Why?? If she slept with that man it’s nobody’s damn business. Kenya just needs another storyline because her line with Mark is overrrrrrrr and done with🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️.’

In other news, Cynthia Bailey looks amazing in this recent photo that she shared on her social media account. Check it out below.

‘“ain’t nothing like good energy, some good food, some good skin, a good beat, a good wig & some good light! and not necessarily in that order! thank you, @jtavar_ for remaking & colouring my new favourite wig. I named her Resurrection because you definitely brought her back to life, lol!”☀️#workflow #glowup #photoshoot @seagramsescapes @hotlikefirre @hair4kicks,’ Cynthia captioned her post.

Stay tuned for more news.

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