Thursday, March 18, 2021

Lady Gaga Is Reportedly Head Over Heels With BF Michael Polansky And Wants Them To Have Kids! -


According to some new reports, the singer is super in love with her current partner to the point that she even sees herself having babies with him one day! Lady Gaga and entrepreneur and investor, Michael Polansky, have been Instagram official since last month but things are evolving quite fast between them!

One source tells ET that ‘She has been telling her friends that she wants to get through a few projects and then focus on settling down. Gaga wants to have kids one day and she sees a future with Michael.’

This comes after Lady Gaga told InStyle, back in April of last year, that marriage and children are definitely on the list of things she wants in her life in the future.

‘I will say I am very excited to have kids. I look forward to being a mom. Isn’t it incredible what we can do? We can really hold a human inside us and grow it. Then it comes out, and it is our job to keep it alive.’

Back in January, another insider told the same news outlet that the singer and actress is really happy with her man.


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They explained that ‘He’s different than other guys she has dated in the past because he is very outwardly endearing and loving and has an old-school gentleman vibe about him. She loves manly men who take the lead and Michael’s definitely that. She feels like a princess in the relationship. She’s been somewhat private about their relationship and she wants to protect it. Friends don’t think [marriage] will happen any time soon. She is very busy with her career and she is not thinking about long term plans right now, but she definitely loves having him by her side.’

It really sounds like Gaga has found the one for her!

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