Wednesday, March 3, 2021

KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Will Most Likely Keep The $60 Million Mansion She Used To Share With Kanye West After Their Divorce - Here's Why! -


According to some new reports, it’s likely that Kim Kardashian will be keeping the lavish $60 million mansion she used to share with Kanye West, after their divorce! As fans remember, the two stars purchased the massive home back in 2014 and while it was very expensive to begin with, they actually went ahead and invested a few more millions into renovating it so it suited their tastes more!

Now, TMZ claims that Kim is not going anywhere after the divorce gets finalized!

What this means is that she will continue to live there with her and Kanye’s four kids!

The reason for that is the fact that the house has been the young ones’ constant all throughout their lives.

Not to mention that Kim simply likes the massive home a lot so there is no doubt she’ll ask to keep it.

At this point, it’s not clear where the rapper will live but ever since they decided to separate, he’s been staying at his ranch in Wyoming, where he’s actually been thriving!

This update comes almost two weeks after it was confirmed that Kim had filed for divorce.

It also happened only months before their seventh wedding anniversary.

Previously, one source told HollywoodLife that ‘Kim felt like she tried everything to make their marriage work and Ye was refusing to get the help that she requested [for his bipolar disorder] which was the final straw for her. She and Kris even tried to get Kanye to go to counseling and offered full support but he kept refusing.’

When the divorce news came out, not many people were surprised since it was a well known fact that the two had been struggling with their marital problems for months!

In fact, they had also been living separate lives for a while, Kim at their LA home and Kanye at his ranch.

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