Saturday, March 13, 2021

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez's Pals Reportedly Not Surprised By Their Split - Here's Why They Saw It Coming! -


Fans on social media were shocked to hear about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s breakup after four years together and two years after he proposed. However, a new insider claims to know that the same thing cannot be said about their close friends.

That’s right! One source shared via HollywoodLife that the couple’s pals were not surprised at all to hear about them breaking their engagement and here’s why!

‘Friends could not help but see something was off in Jen and Alex’s relationship. They’d been spending more time apart and he was traveling more for work. Their chemistry just was not the same. Seems as though this was something a long time in the works.’

Sure enough, the insider also noted that the stars previously postponed their nuptials twice!

It was, of course, because of the pandemic but J.Lo. has suggested before that getting married was not something they were too pressured to do as soon as possible, or even ever, for that matter!

‘Despite postponing the wedding twice because of COVID, Jen had made it known that because she and Alex were married before that it was not something they were pressed upon doing now, or perhaps ever. They were not in a big rush to get married and as time went on it was not a priority to them like it had initially been,’ the source shared via the same outlet.

Sure enough, back in December, Jennifer told Access Hollywood that a wedding is not a ‘huge priority’ and that they’d even ‘kind of let it go for a second.’

The source stressed that even though they are no longer a couple and will not be walking down the aisle after all, the ‘amazing memories’ the two stars shared throughout their relationship will never be forgotten. With that being said, it sounds like they are still on good terms.

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